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”Zen Master” Steven Seagal Eyes Up a Replacement for Bitcoin

Steven Seagal is eyeing up a cryptocurrency to replace bitcoin. Bitcoiin – count those I’s – may look and sound similar to bitcoin, but it is very different. It runs on the Ethereum network, confusingly, and boasts “zen master” Steven Seagal as its brand ambassador. To add to the confusion, Bitcoiin with two I’s sports a website that’s one letter away from this one and styled in the same colors. The whole affair could be dismissed as another crypto joke, were it not for a tweet from Seagal’s official account throwing his considerable weight behind the project.

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Dotting the I’s and Crossing the T’s

Steven Seagal Eyes Up a Replacement for BitcoinBitcoin has survived all kinds of foes, but in Steven Seagal it may have met its biggest threat yet. The man who spent his professional life beating up bad guys has one final boss in his sights: bitcoin. If Seagal has his way, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency will be dealt a lethal one-two combo courtesy of bitcoiin2gen (B2G).

Pronounced, presumably, in the same manner was one would pronounce bitconeeeeeeect, bitcoiin is being billed as the ultimate sequel that will be “bigger and better” than the original. Naturally there’s an ICO, a white paper, and a roadmap which speaks of $50 million of venture capital being raised in September of last year. Apparently $50 million isn’t enough to launch a cryptocurrency these days. With “unlimited potential clients” and a “worldwide network approach”, Bitcoiin is quite the groundbreaking project.

Zen Master Zteven’s version of Bitcoin.

A Token Project with a Token Ambassador

News.bitcoin.com will refrain from linking to the site to prevent link confusion, though the curious are welcome to explore Bitcoiin dot com for themselves. With a four-tier ICO referral scheme, Bitcoiin is a literal pyramid. As for what happens after the ICO, hypothetically at least, the main event is December 2018, when B2G is projected to be trading at the curiously precise price of $388 a token – and ‘token’ is the key word here, for this is an ERC20 project.

Steven Seagal Eyes Up a Replacement for BitcoinAnyone trying to wrap their head around Bitcoiin may wish to scrutinize the official press release. Scam, spoof, or ‘legitimate’ project, it makes little difference: all that matters is Steven Seagal is fronting an ICO named Bitcoiin. It seems strangely fitting that the star of Exit Wounds and Above the Law should wind up promoting a dubious cryptocurrency. The twilight of the 65-year-old’s career has been dogged with sexual misconduct allegations. Bitcoiin could be the final nail in the coffin for the Marked for Death actor.

What do you make of Bitcoiin and Steven Seagal’s involvement in crypto? Let us know in the comments section below.

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