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You Can Earn Lead Tokens by Becoming a Crypto Community Champion

Becoming a cryptocurrency community leader is a good way to bring about the future you want to see in the world by taking real action today. Now you can also be directly rewarded for your work with the Bitcoin Cash community’s new SLP token, Lead (Leaders of Education, Adoption and Development).

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Meet The BCH Community’s New Lead Token

Lead is an exclusive reward token available to those who grow and support the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. It is minted on the BCH blockchain using the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) and is designed to become a pivotal part of the growing world of SLP tokens. To encourage the spread of the token, and many other SLP ecosystem companies are currently looking at how they can incorporate Lead into their products and services to reward its holders with various benefits.

You can earn the Lead token in a number of ways such as helping new users learn about Bitcoin cash by hosting your own BCH meetups, creating or sharing content that shows how electronic peer-to-peer cash can benefit the world, introducing BCH to businesses that will adopt it for payments, and more. To learn how to get started with Lead by working with on affiliate programs, platform integration, and other methods see the Lead Token homepage here. You can also install a Telegram Lead bot to tip people with the token over the secure messaging platform.

You Can Earn Lead Tokens by Becoming a Crypto Community Champion

“Working together with the community we want to reward those participants driving adoption and increasing awareness for bitcoin cash and its features, as well as encouraging entrepreneurs to build on bitcoin cash,” commented CEO Stefan Rust. “With meetups now in over 30 countries around the world and across six continents the bitcoin cash community grows even stronger, and the lead token using the Mint service is another steppingstone in commercializing contributions in developing the community.”

Create Your Own Bitcoin Cash Meetup

Bitcoin cash meetups are a great way to meet fellow BCH supporters or just learn more about the cryptocurrency. The events are spreading globally, everywhere from London to Tokyo, Toronto and Saigon. One was even recently held for the first time in the city of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. To see how much fun they can be check out this video of the team at a bitcoin cash meetup in London sampling some of the BCH-fueled nightlife the British capital has to offer.

You can find many local bitcoin cash meetups available all over the world at’s Events page. Just use the map tool to zoom in on your area and see what meetups are available nearby, or search the directory listing them by continent, country, city and so on.

You can also create a new bitcoin cash meetup yourself. If you need help with this, on the same page you have the option to contact the team for support in setting up your new group and getting more people to join meetings based on their experience. There are also dedicated communication channels open for discussion with the community on both Telegram and Discord.

An additional way to find bitcoin cash meetups or to see how successful ones are organized is to follow @BCHMeetups on Twitter. This profile routinely publishes posts on BCH gatherings happening in many different countries, information on where people can find meetups in their area, as well as pictures and stories from events that have already taken place.

What do you think about community leaders earning the new Lead token? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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