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With Music Legend Akon ELT Reinvents the “Create-to-Earn” Gold Rush

PRESS RELEASE. In the past month or so, with the rapid rise of Stepn (GMT), the “Move-to-Earn” model began to attract mainstream attention, bringing more and more people who are not familiar with the crypto space onto their platform. At the same time, various “X To Earn” projects have also emerged one after another, causing heated discussions in the industry.

It’s time for the fiery “X To Earn” to evolve with a new value narrative.

Last week, a tweet retweeted by American music legend Akon caught the attention of millions of fans and crypto enthusiasts. The tweet shows that Akon is about to release an exclusive collection of Akon Music NFT mystery boxes in conjunction with Element.Black.

Element.Black is a cutting-edge technology company dedicated to creating a create-to-earn ecosystem for Web 3.0 NFT collections in entertainment. Based on its proven success in the fields of Social-Fi and Game-Fi, it launches the innovative “Create-to-Earn” model, providing Web 2.0 musicians, artists, and fashion designers with channels and solutions for the mass migration to Metaverse and Web3. Its governance token ELT have be listed on OKX Jumpstart on April 20th, and then on April 22nd utc11:00am) Akon music NFT will be officially released on top exchanges such as OKX NFT and Binance NFT.

ELT has been recognized and invested by many top venture capital firms, including OKX Blockdream Ventures, LD Capital, The Web3 Ventures Limited, DAO Maker, Run the Chain and Hong Kong’s leading investment company JKL Capital, which helps the growth and acceleration of the ELT ecosystem.


The brand-new “X to Earn” narrative and ELT token rewards

“Create-to-Earn” designed by Element.Black uses Akon NFT as an admission ticket, which is naturally attractive. Engaging with the music legend Akon, there is an opportunity to co-create and earn token rewards. Therefore, ELT can easily attract music fans into the ecosystem and there is a high probability that they will become ELT holders, which will further benefit NFT trading in the secondary market.

Akon has prepared 12,000 NFTs containing music elements (soundtracks), which will be randomly packaged into NFT mystery boxes. After using ELT tokens to purchase a mystery box, you can receive a music piece from Akon, which has high collectible value, and co-create new music together with Akon through Music Infinity, a product developed by Element.Black. You can add your original content and re-edit the Akon music, and then generate your own music NFT to receive sales revenues and rewards from Music Infinity.

A highlight for this Akon music NFT collection is that there are songs that have never been released before and will be exclusive only to obtain through this NFT collection, which will inevitably gain attention from outside the crypto community and even with the potential to become an industry phenomenon.

The mystery box also contains PFP , which further increases the value of the Akon music NFT collection.


Come for Akon, stay for ELT

Its mission is to create a powerful Web 3.0 entertainment ecosystem. The power of NFTs as digital collectibles allows all ELT holders on a global scale to devote themselves to the construction of the entire ecosystem.


Five value attributes that can drive ELT to new heights

Firstly, ELT is the most important asset needed for users to participate in the unique Create-to-Earn, Social-Fi, and Game-Fi experience. Users can unlock premium features services within the ecosystem through the purchasing and spending of ELT tokens. NFT purchase, NFT minting, NFT listing and trading also requires the spending of ELT tokens.

Secondly, ELT acts as a powerful tool for NFT revenue redistribution within the Element.Black ecosystem. Element.Black provides the “Create-to-Earn” model for users to receive token rewards in its ecosystem. The NFTs purchased or minted by collectors are fully owned by themselves.

Thirdly, ELT acts as an ecosystem incentivization tool. Element.Black encourages users to use ELT to create new NFTs, to trade NFTs in the ecosystem, to interact with content creators and celebrities, to stake ELT for token rewards, and to use ELT to participate in project governance.

Fourthly, ELT acts as an adjustment mechanism to realize token deflation. When more and more users join the Element.Black ecosystem, the demand and consumption of ELT will also increase, which will promote its market value to increase, thus ensuring the continuous and stable rewards to users, ELT holders and investors.

Last but not least, ELT is the core support for building community consensus form community governance.

In the process of transitioning from the physical world to the digital world, we are now very confident about the huge potential of Element.Black. We believe that it will make great efforts in the new narrative of NFT 2.0.



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