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The Wings Platform Will Integrate Airbitz Edge Security

Bitcoin wallet Airbitz just announced a partnership with the Wings Project ( Wings is a platform that enables the creation of decentralized autonomous organizations for Bitcoin and alternative blockchains.

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Airbitz and Wings Collaborate Utilizing Edge Security With DAO Platform

wingslogoAirbitz’s joint effort with the Wings project will provide the platform with Edge Security. This means integration will make private key management for the distributed autonomous organizations (DAOs) it creates more secure.

The Crypti team developed Wings and hopes to launch various DAOs worldwide. Core developers Stas Oskin and Boris Povod want the mainstream to access DAO architecture without coding knowledge.

DAOs are organizations that run autonomously through smart contracts and distribution among their communities’ investors. Wings developers say the project tethers the DAO concept to decentralized prediction markets as well. At the same time, the platform will be accessible to anyone worldwide with access to a smartphone. The Wings team looks forward to working with Airbitz to create a higher level of security for the startup’s protocol.

“We’re excited to partner with Airbitz and offer this to the WINGS DAO community,” said Boris Povod, Wings Core Developer. “Airbitz lets people easily interact with DAOs using stored encrypted private keys, and anyone can log in simply with a username/password.”

Wings Takes its DAO Protocol Security Seriously  

Airbitz Founder & CEO Paul Puey

In September, interviewed the Wings team concerning its forecasting service. Wings detailed that the project would not fall by the wayside like’s earlier The DAO project. The team explained there is a vast array of security enhancements Wings will deploy.

Security features include a “formal assurance of the smart contract code, usage of functional programming (once available) in order to reduce possible bugs, and utilization of last case scenario of emergency protocols, which will allow recovering the funds.”

Now the project will utilize the Edge Security system Airbitz designed to enhance the platform further. Decentralized prediction market project Augur has also partnered with Airbitz to utilize Edge Security.

Airbitz CEO Paul Puey is pleased to have another project join the roster of blockchains deploying this technology.   

“WINGS, much like Airbitz, is committed to delivering a user-friendly experience for people interested in using blockchain assets in their applications,” he noted. “Our partnership with WINGS will make interacting with the next generation of DAOs a seamless and accessible experience. We’re proud to add Wings to the growing list of premier blockchain apps powered by Airbitz Edge Security.”

Both Startups Focusing On The Future of These Technologies

Wings will be kickstarting in roughly fifteen days, enabling users to create, join and manage DAOs. The DAO platform in time plans to work with Ethereum’s smart contract protocol, Rootstock’s Bitcoin Virtual Machine (RVM) and IPFS. The project also has backing from one of the largest Bitcoin mining operations, Bitmain.

While Wings prepares its upcoming kickstarter campaign, Airbitz is also forwarding its business. The startup is currently in the middle of a funding round using for non-accredited investors, and for accredited investors. Both firms are very optimistic about the growth and future of the cryptocurrency and blockchain landscape.

What do you think about Airbitz partnering with Wings to implement Edge Security? Let us know in the comments below.

Images via, Airbitz and Wings websites.

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