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WINGS Foundation Donations reach $1 Million within 48 hours

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WINGS Foundation is raising funds to create a Decentralized Platform for creating, funding and managing Projects using Bitcoin and other Blockchains

WINGS Foundation (, a decentralized platform to create, join and manage projects using decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) technology, has announced that donations over the first 48 hour period have reached the $1 million mark. WINGS is founded by several blockchain industry veterans who believe that the use of blockchains, smart contracts and chatbot technology can bring a disruptive wave of innovation to project funding, governance and decision support.

Initiated on November 18, 2016, the WINGS donation-based crowdfunding ( has witnessed over 1000 people donating funds in the form or Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC), and Ripple (XRP). The campaign is set to end on January 6, 2017, running for a total of 49 days; after this 75 million “wings” will be distributed to participants of the campaign to be used for selecting, evaluating and forecasting on project DAOs, and for making decisions for the WINGS DAO.

Wings owners who actively are forecasting are rewarded with a fraction of every successful project DAOs based on their forecasting ability. In return, project DAOs get valuable feedback and market valuation insights prior to conducting their own funding campaign, and those giving funds to a project DAO get market signaling insights based on the swarm intelligence of the WINGS DAO.

“The $1 Million in support we have received so far from the cryptocurrency community has confirmed our belief that WINGS is something the community needs to go to the next level,” said Boris Povod, President of the WINGS Foundation Council, “In addition to the projects we have in our pipeline the attention we have received in the last two days has brought more entrepreneurs with mainstream projects to us asking how they can crowdfund using WINGS for their project in 2017.”

Crowdfunding whether taking the form of donations, rewards or equity is a rapidly growing industry exceeding $34 Billion in 2015 that can only benefit greatly from the governance mechanisms that DAOs offer. With DAOs large, globally distributed groups can coordinate activities in a fluid organizational model that combines organizational governance, management, and operations via immutable blockchains and smart contracts execution.

The WINGS on-going campaign will allow the WINGS Foundation to realize a fully-functional platform to drive the use of DAO technology for use in project evaluation, forecasting, funding and governance. To participate in the campaign go to

About WINGS Foundation

WINGS Foundation is a decentralized team of blockchain professionals aiming to bring the decentralized autonomous organizations to the mainstream. WINGS makes DAO technology accessible to entrepreneurs and companies who are looking to leverage the global reach of bitcoin and other blockchains for project funding, the power of swarm intelligence powered forecast markets for higher quality decision-making, the versatility of smart contracts for a global decentralized agreement framework, and the ease of use of the instant messengers for audience reach.

For more information, visit the WINGS website at

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