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Welcome to the new Bitcoin.com

In Bitcoin’s short history,  this domain has gone through several versions,  but was never well utilized.







We intend to build bitcoin.com into a portal as well as a business that the entire community can contribute to,  as well as be proud of.
Anyone is welcome to contribute to our open source project at: https://github.com/bitcoin-portal
Anyone is welcome to submit news articles here.
We plan to fund further development of this site by offering sponsored advertising in various categories such as:
  1. Bitcoin wallets
  2. Bitcoin mining
  3. Bitcoin shopping (Coming soon)

The bitcoin payment addresses for these advertisements will be public so anyone can help promote whatever Bitcoin business they are a fan of.Even more interestingly, we are in the process of creating a system that will allow anyone to submit original news content, along with their bitcoin address.  A portion of the revenue generated from their own article will be paid directly to their bitcoin address.  The full details are still being worked on, but will be released soon.

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Please feel free to get involved directly by contributing on github,  or you may contact us directly at contact@bitcoin.com. To advertise with us, contact ads@bitcoin.com
Roger Ver

Roger Ver began his bitcoin journey in March of 2011. He was the first person in the world to start actively investing in Bitcoin startups. He was responsible for the world's first bitcoin billboard, national radio ads, the first large website to accept bitcoin as payment, the million dollar bitcoin bet, the seed funding for such companies as Blockchain.info, Bitpay.com, Kraken.com, Shapeshift.io, Luxstack.com, Safello.com and many many more. He is a voluntaryist, and believes that voluntary human interactions in the free market, can and should replace the violent interventions of governments.

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