How to use the Airbitz bitcoin wallet (infographic)

Kenneth Moon is a self-professed adventurer, maker, tinkering magician, and coffee roaster. He’s also a bitcoin enthusiast.

In his blog, Kenneth said that “bitcoin and its application of decentralized trust is the most fascinating conversation happening right now.” He also said “Airbitz is my favorite mobile Bitcoin wallet.”

It’s no surprise to see a bitcoin enthusiast do something cool for the things they love, especially when it comes to bitcoin. With that in mind, Kenneth made this creative infographic on his favorite bitcoin wallet, which shows the work-flow of Airbitz from downloading the app, creating your account, to how to use their gift cards feature, all in a snazzy and easy-to-understand infographic.

Just last week Airbitz released their latest update, called Matterhorn, which incorporates some of these features below.


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