US Federal Reserve Chair Bitcoin Photo Bomber Generates Over $15k in Donations


Federal Reserve Chair Photo Bomber Generates Over $15k

The bitcoin photo bomber that recently appeared waving a big note reading ‘buy bitcoin’ behind US Federal Reserve Board Chairwoman, Janet Yellen, has raised more than $15,000 in donations following the highly publicized incident.

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The Bitcoin Photo bomber Receiving Over $15,000 in Donations in Just a Few Hours

US Federal Reserve Chair Bitcoin Photo Bomber Generates Over $15k in Donations

Earlier this month, photos emerged of a man holding a sign reading ‘buy bitcoin’ behind the Federal Reserve Board Chairwoman. The photos were taken during her discussions before a House Financial Services Committee. The incident was not well received by government staff, with the man being hastily escorted from the building.

Photos of the bitcoin photo bomber and the public address for his bitcoin wallet soon began to circulate online, leading to the man receiving over $10,000 in donations in just a few hours. At the time of writing, the wallet held 6.958 bitcoin, which equates to approximately $15,000.

Bitcoin Sign Guy Has Been Offered Over 2.5 Bitcoins for a Notepad

The man, who is colloquially known as ‘Bitcoin Sign Guy’ online, has since been spotted outside of Coin Center holding a sign encouraging individuals to donate to the nonprofit cryptocurrency research and advocacy group. Bitcoin Sign Guy has been offered over 2.5 bitcoins for a notepad on which ‘donate to coin center’ was scrawled, which has been auctioned online. There is also clothing merchandise celebrating the event available for purchase, and some twitter followers have asked to purchase his tie.

Bitcoin Sign Guy is not the first person to generate a sizable bitcoin bounty from holding a placard at a public event. In 2013, a fan attending a college football event waved a saying reading ‘hi mom, send bitcoin’ that also featured the QR to the individual’s wallet. An image depicting the man and his sign was captured by ESPN, resulting in the man receiving approximately 22 bitcoin. The man would go on to donate 20 bitcoin to charity, Sean’s Outpost.

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