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Update: SurBTC may be back in business soon

Earlier this week we reported about SurBTC, a Chilean bitcoin exchange that was hit with a blockade by Santander Bank Chile, and lost 70% of their customer base. The blockade was devastating to the exchange, bringing their business to a halt.

In an update from the company, they have announced good news. Shortly after launching their public campaign to bring attention to the Santander Bank blockade, which we exclusively wrote about, SurBTC has said that Santander has reached out to them in order to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

In the update SurBTC CEO Guillermo Torrealba wrote that Santander reached out to them yesterday, with the bank claiming the issues they’ve encountered were mainly due to poor coordination between Santander and Banco Itau.

Torrealba wrote,

“While the last 7 months have been a complete disgust, I think the adjective that best describes the last 24 hours is “surprising”. This is because yesterday, around 4 pm we were contacted by Santander.”

Torrealba said he is grateful for the many thousands of people who have come to the defense of SurBTC in light of the bank’s refusal to cooperate and help them, and is excited that there may finally be resolution to this matter and his business can get back on track.

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