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Unsung to 'Hack Hunger' With New iOS App

Unsung.org has just announced the release of its iOS app on October 21. Jason King, founder of the “hunger hacking” platform, says he’s thrilled to bring the app to the masses.

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Unsung Aims To Hack More Hunger

Jason King, of Unsung.org in Baltimore

49 million people across the U.S. go without food on a daily basis. However the U.S. Department of Agriculture says the country wastes nearly 40 percent of its food supply and throws it in the trash. To combat this, Unsung.org has developed an application using concepts from social media and ride-sharing platforms.

The platform is a community-based application that enables restaurants, caterers, and grocers to donate food they usually would throw away. These organizations use the app to notify the Unsung community they have excess food.

Any Unsung member who sees the notification can take the initiative to pick up the food and distribute to those in need. Moreover, the app even gamifies the process, rewarding “Unsung Heroes” in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin.com chatted with founder Jason King, and he explained things are going very well. Since we last reported on the project the team has expanded throughout Baltimore, Austin, New York City, Seattle and Phoenix. King told us during our conversation:

We’re extremely excited to be launching this app on October 21st. The Unsung community has been growing at an unprecedented rate for the past few months. The demand for what we are building has been incredible. Bringing these tools to a community so passionate about ending hunger is going to make a real difference.

7,500 Meals Delivered In Five Cities

Unsung food packages being prepped for delivery

In Austin, the Unsung crew teamed up with The Crypto Show hosts and Arcade City ridesharing drivers. The collaborative effort was very successful, delivering 1,000 meals to hungry residents. King said that throughout the cities where they’ve tested the app so far, Unsung delivered 7,500 meals.

On October 21 the Unsung.org organization will launch its first iOS app. King and his teammates say it will be ready to use in the wild. KryptoKit creator Steven Dakh developed Unsung’s code. King also told us an Android app will follow soon after the iOS release.

He said he couldn’t be happier with the testing period. Although they experienced one unfortunate event when someone robbed their “hacker house”, but have since moved forward. The team expects its October release will be a milestone.

Technological advancement in society is providing reliable resources for those in need. Unsung wants to be on the forefront of this movement. When Unsung hits the public, the team believes it will be one step closer to hacking hunger.

What do you think about Unsung’s upcoming app release? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Jason King, Founder of Unsung.org

Images via the Baltimore Sun, and Unsung.org

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