‘Decentralized Uber’ App Delivers 1,000 Meals in Austin, Texas and Austin-based Arcade City are making a difference feeding people in need within the Texas capital. So far the two teams have delivered 1,000 meals throughout the city as the ambitious project continues hacking away at hunger. 

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1,000 Meals Delivered in Austin is an application that feeds the hungry by delivering unwanted food from local caterers and restaurants. The application gamifies the solution by adding Bitcoin to the equation as well as users can be rewarded by the Unsung community for good deeds. Back in June, reported on the anti-hunger application teaming up with the Arcade City platform in Austin to experiment with the Unsung app.

Recently, with the help from the radio broadcast The Crypto Show teamed up with the Arcade City community. The “Decentralized Uber” platform is a ride sharing service that partnered with’s Jason King, and Arcade City drivers are helping deliver meals across the city of Austin.

King’s first project Sean’s Outpost has fed over 167 thousand meals over the course of Satoshi Forest’s existence. Now the platform being used in Austin has provided 1,000 meals so far to the hungry. King explains via social media:

Pay attention to this. This is the 1,000th meal fed to the homeless in Austin, TX with Holy crap. #‎hackhunger‬

A Community Effort

King adds that Austin has been “on fire” since they teamed up with the drivers from Arcade City. People can visibly see this via the Unsung Austin Facebook page where all the action is happening. There are hundreds of people helping with the cause and pictures are displayed of drivers helping out, food being prepared, and food bags being delivered. One organizer on the Facebook page writes:

Many thanks to Sara and Co. for your generosity. May all of you be blessed many times over. We look forward to dividing these and serving our homeless community on your behalf.

13781731_1222231464486259_5036007238178950064_n1,000 meals is quite a feat for an operation maintained on social media and just started less than a month ago. Jason King and Arcade City’s Christopher David are pleased with what’s organically taking place within the Texas capital. The Crypto Show has also been involved helping move the process along as they broadcast their show from the Brave New Books store located in Austin.

The decentralized movement and ideas like Bitcoin are transforming society for the better. is no different as they utilize both to feed those who are hungry and need a helping hand. is pleased to see groups working together to #HackHunger and we look forward to reporting the story of when the Unsung team feeds a 100,000 people and more.

What do you think about delivering 1,000 meals across Austin? Let us know in the comments below.

Images via Unsung Austin’s Facebook page

  • Great article Jamie, very inspiring 🙂 Have you considered posting your work on steemit too?

  • Thanks for keeping it in news Jamie.

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    Articles like this give hope for a better future. Love is such a much better answer.

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  • Martin Sean Evans

    We could feed 10,000 here in Las Vegas with that app.

    • We did it in Austin with just a Facebook group the app is not even available in Austin yet. We didn’t wait for the app we just seen the success that Arcade City was having with their Facebook group and copied that model and tapped into their group as well.

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    • That article has absolutely nothing to with the people that drive for arcade and are the ones doing this. With or without Arcade city as a company it does not matter it’s the community of the Facebook page that arose from the city over reach to make this happen. If Chris David disappears tomorrow it won’t matter Unsung has already taken hold in Austin.
      Food donated by restaraunts is actually only part of this I would say most of the donations came from the volunteers themselves. We all pitched in money and time to make it happen.

    • Jamie Redman

      From looking at your comment history (which is quite extensive towards Arcade) you have a serious personal vendetta against him. This article is mainly focused on and the drivers of Arcade City in Austin. As the crypto show points out this particular feat of feeding 1,000 meals has occurred between two groups and has absolutely nothing to do with those allegations.

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    I’m in Spokane WA. The gal in the picture looks just like me. I would love to meet her.