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Unicrypt, a Multi Service Provider for DeFi Projects

PRESS RELEASE. Unicrypt is a robust crypto service provider that has been turning heads in the crypto world with its broad range of useful applications. Primarily focused on decentralised services, the platform is a conducive base for new DeFi projects aiming to make a launch.

The service provider offers an ever-changing and fast-evolving DeFi project launch platform with new services being offered and upgraded. Unicrypt is touted as the original liquidity locker for uniswap pools, pioneering the Proof-of-Lock (POL) consensus. The article shall give a comprehensive review of the platform, outlining its services, roadmap and plans.

Services offered

The platform offers three key services; liquidity locking, yield farming, and a base for issuing Initial Liquidity Offerings (ILO).

  • Liquidity Locking

Unicrypt offers liquidity locking for pools based on the Uniswap liquidity provider, as well as on other Automated Money Makers (AMM). By liquidity locking, it issues to investors a guarantee that developers of a DeFi project won’t make large withdrawals within the locked up period.

  • Yield Farming

The platform allows investors to carry out yield farming on any token thanks to its farm-as-a-service (Faas) protocol. The process is simplified by complete automation of the process. A user, therefore, doesn’t need to have any prior knowledge in coding to be able to farm.

  • ILO Launchpad

As an ILO launchpad, Unicrypt enables DeFi project developers to enjoy project launches without having to conduct listings. The launchpad is directly connected to the liquidity lockers, allowing the locking of liquidity on Uniswap or any supported AMMs. The entire process is fully automated and decentralized, giving a good presale platform for DeFi projects

The Journey Towards Further Adoption

The platform’s journey towards increased public adoption can be illustrated by several indicators. The indicators include;

Wider AMM Support Diversity for More Accessibility

Unicrypt was launched in June 2020. It became the first liquidity locker on Uniswap pools, generating the POL consensus. The consensus attracted more investors to Uniswap since it could guarantee the continued availability of pool liquidity for new DeFi projects..

It has since extended its services to 5 other different AMMs namely; PancakeSwap, SushiSwap, JulSwap, QuickSwap and HoneySwap. The higher accessibility on multiple platforms has served to boost its usage.

Increased Demand Pushing Up Prices

The platform’s native token is the UNCX. During its release in August 2020, its price was $17.7. The price now hovers at around $440, which is somewhere close to 25 times the initial asset prices. Given that the asset’s prices are dictated by demand and supply, such growth is a good performance indicator of robust adoption levels.

The current prices are however about half of the mid-May all-time high of $934. While the drop is significant, it highlights an overall bearish market sentiment across the entire blockchain world. The medium to long term predictions show a recovery of prices as markets get back to bullish conditions and demand expands

Impressive Growth in Monthly Visits

The platform has also been receiving a consistently growing number of site visitors. The number of monthly visits as per a similarweb research shows that monthly visits have grown to almost 8 times the figures from the start of the year. January visits totalled to 120k people. May’s visits stand at an outstanding 953k visitors.

Direct visits top this figure with over 58.95% of total visits, which shows more repeat revisits by previous users as well as from users with knowledge of the platform. Second, in generating the visits, referrals stand at 26.76%, a good growth indicator of more than ¼ of all visits.

The Future

Unicrypt has a clear roadmap for a brighter future with more usability and interoperability. The upgrades are expected to not only give the increased traffic of recent months a better experience but also drive further adoption. They can be categorized into two groupings;

Going Public with More Services

A recent announcement by the platform’s stakeholders has highlighted the fact that Unicrypt is going public with new services. Token vesting and token minting options have been deployed recently. Token vesting enables new crypto projects to lock their tokens and set periodic release strategies for the tokens with their team and partners. It avoids incidences of market manipulation when working alongside liquidity lockers. The token minter allows new projects to create new tokens within seconds while not requiring coding skills or additional audits.

Future Integration With Elrond and Solana Chains

Unicrypt plans to be compatible with new chains to add on it’s current range and increase its interoperability levels. It currently operates in four chains namely; Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and the xDaiChain.

The service plans to be integrated with the chains Elrond and Solana as hinted by the platform’s developers. Accessibility shall increase, driving more adoption with this initiative.


Unicrypt’s performance in the last few months has been phenomenal. The adoption rates have gone through the roof, thanks to the amazing calibre and diverse range of services it offers.

To maintain its position at the front of the pack, it plans new services and more integration to help drive adoption rates even further. The platform is indeed one of the great indicators of the untapped use case potentials of blockchain technology.


Media Contacts –

Name – Antoine Chaveron

E-mail – support@unicrypt.network

Company – SDD Tech OÜ (Powering Unicrypt Network)


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