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The 'Undocumented Human': Life Without Government

Alma Sommer and Brian Stith are parents to a baby named Neo and a new idea called the “undocumented human.” Neo is a boy born into the world without documentation, such as a birth certificate or social security number that is validated by the surrounding governance. Many people are born into the world, and their parents “voluntarily” submit these children to a number system and government. So far, the parents of baby Neo have had a continuous road trip, in which they promoted bitcoin, agorism, and what they call the “undocumented human” tour. The family travelled through states like Arizona and also visited the Texas Bitcoin Conference. Sommer and Stith are ideologically voluntaryists and feel their son should decide whether he wants to be a citizen or not.

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“With the knowledge that entering your child into the system is voluntary, we decided to let him choose if he wants to become a citizen of a country later in his life.” got together with Alma Sommer for a discussion about her child and the decision to let him enter the world undocumented. We discussed their use of Bitcoin, counter-economics, and the Texas Bitcoin Conference they attended while on the family tour. The family is setting a precedent not only by using cryptocurrency as a viable alternative, but by bringing children into the world without the need for numbers and governance. (BC): You guys are Agorists/Anarchists can you tell me how you came to the conclusion of Statelessness?

Alma Sommer (AS): My awakening started during the Ron Paul campaign and was shortly followed by my travels to Porcfest, where I realized that Arizona needed a festival of its own. Brian took a little longer, and was not exposed to the same events, however after three years of attending Jackalope, he was ready to quit his slave job and get a motorhome to put our family on the road.

BC: How did you get introduced to bitcoin?

AS: I was introduced to Bitcoin at Porcfest, and shortly started selling advertisement on my website Agorist Marketplace for Bitcoin and other alternative currencies. Brian and I have been together since I found out about it. He uses the Airbitz wallet on his phone now, for most of our transactions.

BC: So you have a Son named Neo that’s ‘undocumented’ can you tell us a little about this?

AS: With the knowledge that entering your child into the system is voluntary, we decided to let him choose if he wants to become a citizen of a country later in his life.  

BC: Did you get any concerns about this idea coming from friends or close family?

AS: For family members not of the same mindset, we chose to keep our decision private. If they really want to know, though, they could go online and learn about us.  

BC: Do you hope ideas like this spread to more like-minded parents and have you heard from others that will do the same?

Bitcoin.com_Bitcoin Payment KinguinAS: I spoke at the Texas Bitcoin Conference and had a few people came up to me afterwards. Some had also taken this path but did not have as pleasant of circumstances as us.

I know others in Arizona who raised their children into adulthood without any negative repercussions.

BC: Some would say identification could be verified voluntarily and through the blockchain. Do you think maybe in time some parents may document their child via the blockchain?

AS: Absolutely! We plan on documenting our property on the blockchain as well, for proof of purchase, and identification. I also plan on putting up a public notice sign to that effect, linking to the transaction.

BC: What areas will you be traveling during the undocumented human tour?

AS: We plan on doing many tours, currently we are on our way to Oracle, Arizona to do our first off the grid solar install. We were able to learn a lot while living in Concho off the grid for the last three months.

600px-Anarchy-symbol.svgBC: Do you apply other practices of non-authority with your children such as Peaceful Parenting?

AS: Yes, we apply peaceful parenting to our daily lives. We suggest no more slave numbers for the children and a life dedicated to breeding out statism.

BC: Do you expect any difficulties faced in the future for Neo by being undocumented?

1452453_10152344466083552_993794978_nAS: Possibly, trying to come back into the United States, or requesting travel documents, but culture is changing all over the world, and more people are coming to an understanding of leave me alonism.

BC: How can our readers learn from your experience?

AS: They can learn that entering your child into the system is voluntary, and if we are free human beings, it should be our choice to donate our hard earned money, not have it stolen through taxation. As well as choosing to pay silver or Bitcoin to avoid a government extortion fees, when purchasing a product or service. You can work for yourself without getting permission from the state to exist as a business, and you can live unbanked. You can live free. 


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