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Ukraine Startup Hotmine Builds Smart Bitcoin Miner

Ukrainian Bitcoin startup HOTMINE is releasing a domestic heater-miner with two useful functions. In addition to mining bitcoins, the HOTMINE machine can be used to heat the owners’ homes.

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An Overview of the Hotmine Smart Heater-Miner

The “Hotmine Smart Heater-Miner” is a tall, black box. teeming with wires and tubes. Inside the machine are mining chips manufactured by BitFury. readers can be the first English-speaking crypto fans to witness this device. See the Hotmine Smart Heater-Miner in action in this YouTube video by Oles Slobodeniuk, Ukrainian bitcoin activist:

Two Functions, One Device

This device is built as a water heater equipped with BitFury mining chips. The mining chips heat the water as they run. After reaching a certain temperature, this water can be used to heat an entire apartment. The dual functionality of this machine gives it utility even after it becomes unprofitable as a bitcoin mining rig.


HOTMINE currently features three model of their machine on the company’s official website. The three models have different capacities: 4 Thash, 10 Thash and 28 Thash.

Here’s the official specs of the most powerful and the first of its kind DHW-heater-BTC-miner:


Hot-water boiler (miner) is mining bitcoins and heating water. You can use it in combination with batteries, fan heater or other equipment.

  • 3,3 kW electricity consumption — heating up to 50 sq.m. of your house (when using a fan heater)
  • Computation Power — 28 Thash. Bitfury’s 16 nm chips are used.
  • Water temperature — 65C
  • Applications: heat-insulated floor, heating, reheating, DHW


The heater-miners are currently in their pre-order stage. Anyone from Ukraine can order one of these machines. The rigs are available in a few other countries as well, which are listed on the HOTMINE website. Pricing starts at $2,000 USD and increases to $6,400 USD depending on the model.

Can You Trust This Company?

Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturers are notorious for falling short on their promises or outright scamming their customers. Consequently, Bitcoiners are often skeptical when a new hardware company announces the launch of a machine.

HOTMINE founders Oles Slobodeniuk and Alexandr Momot plan to ease concerns people might have about the legitimacy of their company. The two claim to always be available for communication. Additionally, Momot has a working prototype of the Hotmine Heater-Miner in Печи Камины (“Pechi Kaminy”), his domestic heating shop. People can visit Momot’s shop and examine the machine. The address for Momot’s shop is:

Киев,  Малевича, 8 (city of Kiev, Malevich St., 8)

What do you think of this mining rig from Ukraine? Let us know in the comments below!

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