UK Police Drafts Detailed Bitcoin Seizure Guide

A think-tank backed by a group of UK-based law enforcement officials have published a newly drafted report called “Policing Bitcoin” which aims to standardize the practice of seizing bitcoin from criminals.

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UK Police Aim to Understand Bitcoin

UK Police Drafts Detailed Bitcoin Seizure GuideLast week the ‘N8 Policing Research Partnership’ published a report that explains how they would like to see UK law enforcement handle bitcoin seizures. The report claims that criminals prefer to use cryptocurrencies in crimes like ransomware, dark web activities and more. The paper says bitcoin is the most favored cryptocurrency employed in illicit activities and N8 believes UK-based officers need to grasp this new technology.

“Cryptocurrencies have increasingly become a common method of value exchange in a number of types of criminal activity,” explains the four-page proposal. “This collaborative project has brought together a variety of experts from different disciplines and practices to explore the challenges posed by criminal use of cryptocurrency with regard to the investigation, production of conclusive evidence of wrongdoing, and prosecution of offenders.”

Frontline Officers Must Complete a ‘Mandatory Bitcoin e-Learning Package’

The N8 police report details that law enforcement needs education on things like bitcoin exchanges, bitcoin ATMs, forensic tracing tools, a literature guide, and a booklet designed to help officers identify bitcoin activity. Additionally, the reports suggests that police departments utilize “Tier 1-Bitcoin experts, Regional Cyber Crime Units, Digital Media Investigators, and Tier 4-Frontline officers and investigators.”

Tier 4 – Frontline officers — All UK police staff should be required to complete a mandatory Bitcoin e-learning package (NCLAT), on how to identify bitcoin activity and who to contact for further advice.

The Detailed Bitcoin Seizure Guide

UK Police Drafts Detailed Bitcoin Seizure GuideThe N8 Police Research Partnership is a network of policing practitioners and senior researchers located around Northern England. The group aims to formalize regional officer networking and improve “police innovation.” The team has been studying digital currencies and blockchains for over two years and hopes their recommendations will be favored by lawmakers.

“As part of the project, research was conducted and advice sought regarding the legislative framework available for officers to lawfully seize bitcoin,” details N8’s report. “A recommendation has also been made to the Home Office regarding a potential legislative amendment to categorise bitcoin as cash for the purpose of cash seizure legislation.”

The project has identified a number of practical and intellectual issues for further research, namely how bitcoin relates to the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Currently, the research group says they are drafting a “detailed bitcoin seizure guide” which provides a full walkthrough for officers on how to seize these types of funds. N8 explains the guide is based on research conducted with a group of international law enforcement partners.

What do you think about the N8 organization and how they are creating a bitcoin seizure booklet for officers? Let us know what you think about this story in the comments below.

Images via, the N8 website, Matt Groening, and Pixabay. 

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  • Zachary Williams

    good luck seizing bitcoin without the private key
    What are they going to do? Ask 51% of the miners to politely spend years coordinating and loose billions of dollars shutting down the bitcoin network just to reverse the transaction of one alleged criminal? What a joke!
    you CANNOT seize Bitcoin its a physical impossibility without the private keys! All a criminal needs to do is memorize a 12 words bitcoin key, then what? Are they going to torture this brain wallet out of criminals? All police activity is illegal, no badge or gun gives you the right to put handcuffs on any human, criminal or innocent, and Prisons are just illegal torture facilities. If we have to deal with violent criminals, we should have islands setup for them. This planet is a joke! And people who argue for the police and our Prison system are retards, plain and simple.

    The UK police are a joke to the rest of the world, and no UK officer will be able to fight the UKs organized crime. It is the pedophiles in government who USE bitcoin, so good luck with this joke of a plan!

    How are they going to “confiscate” bitcoins from someone who they don’t even KNOW has bitcoins?

    And what about MONERO? How are they going to seize Monero? hahaha what a fucking joke,

  • I can’t wait to read this guide. I hope they are so proud of it and publish it. I wonder if it includes loud obnoxious music, electric shock, abrasive language, and water boarding? I hope it is not boring…

  • M.Zamree Osman

    Now People growth with technology..

  • David

    These are gangsters by them self. To criminalise weed or any kind of drugs is a crime by it self. Everyone should be free to drug or kill or whatever himself.

    • William Wanklyn

      They criminalise the drugs so they can take out their competitors with the law enforcement arm and have the whole drug trade to themselves.

  • sjs

    Pretty scary, UK ‘Police Intelligence’ on the case. Always viewed that as an oxymoron. So far they can’t even keep illegal immigrants out of the country but they are going to police bitcoin. One day they’ll make a movie out of that and it may well rival Laurel and Hardy. The FBI do a much better job, they just take the whole exchange back to base.

  • Liberty88

    Translation: The queen doesn’t have a clue and is afraid of her subjects leaving the plantation after working so hard using pedophilia, fraud, murder to keep everything under thumb.

    • While not from the UK myself, I had a rather interesting experience recently during an extended visit. I found that all my traditional financial accounts had coincidentally been rendered unusable due to some some issue of the other with the companies hosting them. I would never have been able to leave the UK had it not been for the assitance of third parties.

      Then there was the incident where certain London & San Francisco based interest scuttled a location independent venture we were building in an apparent attempt to have either the venture or myself relocate to one of those locations.

      It seems that interest in these legacy imperial jurisdictions are seriously worried about not being able to maintain the nexus of industry (nevermind innovation) going forward.

  • danystatic

    Chasing Bitcoin instead of chasing political corruption. Bitcoin is more than money, and in time it will help coordinate a better voting, political & decision making system.

    • William Wanklyn

      They are the enforcement arm of the criminal political corruption. They are not on our side and you are probably looking at the $5 wrench solution to finding your private key.

      • They are not on our side agreed. However if you’ve got something better than a $5 wrench solution spill it out…

  • De Wilde Weldoener

    As far as government is concerned, a “criminal” is anyone that has managed to avoid getting robbed, or as they would call it, “taxed”.
    Make encrypted seed phrases people, keep the seed safe, keep the password safer.

  • Nathanael Dale Ries

    And how are they going to achieve this? The only ones who will get caught in this are people who keep their wallets on an exchange. If you have your own private keys backed up, or even better, memorized, they won’t be able to seize all of them.

  • It seems that UK basked interest, having tried there best to become the new centre of blockchain based tech (now that’s an oxymoron, isn’t it?), are now trying their best to scuttle the first blockchain based P2P payment system.