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UK exchange BitOK is closing down, all user funds should be withdrawn

UK based bitcoin exchange BitOK has made an announcement today that they are closing down, and if you have funds on the exchange it’s recommended to withdraw them as soon as possible to avoid any future issues.

BitOK is based in London, where users could buy and sell bitcoin (and litecoin) using their online platform. Users had multiple payment options, and the exchange had other features such as a public developers API and order book.

However, in an announcement made today, the exchange out of nowhere says that it is shutting down. The good news is that BitOK is saying they were not hacked, but that they know they won’t be able to meet their projected goals and are forced to shut down.

The official message from the exchange reads:

We have been together for quite some time, and the experience has been terrific. We sincerely enjoy our work and the service we were trying to create for you.

Unfortunately, some things have to come to end, and we regret to inform you that time has come for Bitok.com to send our last regards.

To remove all the unnecessary speculations right away, we reassure you, that we have not been hacked, have not gone bankrupt, nor bought by any other exchange. We simply feel, that we will not meet our projected goals with our current pace, and we have to let go now and suspend the services.

From this point on, depositing to Bitok.com will be locked and trading will stop. You may withdraw your balances using any available methods, and our website will be active until the last user does so.

Please do so soon, as methods for withdrawing will be gradually turned off, as we shut down the services, which will give you fewer options. If you have any questions, feel free to ask at admin@bitok.com.

We guarantee that any and all of user’s funds on our account will be returned.

Bitok.com team

For bitcoin users in the UK looking to buy or sell bitcoin, do not fret, there are still plenty of options.

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