Turing Robotic Reveals Video of Upcoming Sailfish OS Phone


Turing Robotic Reveals Video of Upcoming Sailfish OS Phone

Turing Robotic Industries (TRI) has pushed back its delivery date to July 12th. However, in a recent newsletter to the fans, the company featured a video that shows the device running on the new Sailfish OS 2.0.

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CEO Syl Chao sincerely thanked all the supporters for their patience in a recent letter, pointing that “the making of this groundbreaking device has consumed considerable time, sweat and patience.” In result, the company had lost some of the early supporters, but gained some new ones too, said Chao. He then explained the main reasons for these months of continuous delays due to “26 iterations of structural changes since its first announcement back in April 2015.”

How Will Sailfish OS 2.0 Work?

Sailfish OS 2.0Chao explains that Sailfish OS is not exactly what you’d expect from Android or iOS. It has no Home button and the GUI is more ”gesture-oriented” than ”task-oriented,” which results in a better user experience.

Also, Sailfish is using lot less hardware resources than any other market OS, providing the user with faster response.

As for the usual apps support in Sailfish OS 2.0, TRI notes:

Sailfish OS supports Android apps. All Android apps will be running in the Alien Dalvik environment thus the Android app will be sandboxed and isolated from the rest of the Sailfish OS where it will not be able to modify any system/critical files.

The first batch of devices will be shipped as ”evaluation units,” as the company wants to upgrade its customers with Snapdragon 820 Edition CPUs before the end of 2016.

Here’s the private YouTube link to the first video of the working Turing Phone. As previously described, the phone promises to offer a very secured working environment with fully encrypted communication between Turing Phone users.

sailfishTRI wants to “revolutionize” the mobile industry by offering a full-featured — yet NSA-proof smartphone — for security-focused and business-oriented users.

The phone will also support its own Turing Coin, which gets its market value from the product’s success and user adoption. When the phone will hit the market, it could become an option for Bitcoin users looking for a mobile secure storage solution.

”Turing Phone shipments will start on July 12th and continue until all units have been shipped,” TRI says. “After your package has been dispatched we will send you an email with full tracking details for your reference.”

As for those who want to take their money back, Chao reminds of their “no questions asked” refund policy.

You can check out the video here.

What do you think of the Turing Phone’s weird drama generation marketing style? Let us know in the comments!

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