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Trezor Password Manager release is quickly approaching

Back in early February we first learned about the Trezor Password Manager when we found out that SatoshiLabs, the parent company of Trezor hardware wallet, was working on Twitter authentication within the hardware device. A few days later, Alena Vranova the CEO of SatoshiLabs announced officially the plans to release a Trezor Password Manager.

Ever since then, Trezor has been teasing the new upcoming release of the password manager. The new update to the hardware device will make it possible for device owners to manage their passwords to websites using a Chrome extension that can only be accessed with the Trezor device to decrypt the passwords. This removes any software installation inconveniences and exploitables, and makes the password manager portable as well to other computers.

And in a new interview with Bitcoin.com about bringing on “Bitcoin Hero” Johoe to the SatoshiLabs team, Alena Vranova had this to say about the Trezor Password Manager (TPM):

“TPM is an example of how an individual can have an ultimately secure cloud storage in his own hands. Also it showcases how a password manager software could address the vulnerability of the master password and the availability of the service beyond users’ usual devices. Finally, TREZOR 2.0 will make the user experience with such an app even better.”

It was also noted from the interview that SatoshiLabs is preparing to showcase the new Trezor Password Manager (TPM) within a few days.

Vranova also said that “the goal is to introduce a user-friendly encryption device to secure our digital life and valuables.” Trezor is open source, and recently moved from a closed source backend server to open source using Bitcore.

In reviewing some of the updated code, you can see active work on the new Password Manager features, which appears to connect to passwords.mytrezor.com where users will be able to configure their account once the release happens.

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