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Trezor launches it's Password Manager cloud solution application

SatoshiLabs has officially launched the Password Manager cloud solution for the Trezor hardware wallet, which they have been teasing now for the past few months.

The Trezor Password Manager is a new lightweight application designed to store and manage passwords with ultimate security.

One of the great things about the Password Manager is there is no master password for all your passwords. Unlike traditional password manager services, Trezor uses advanced cryptography to encrypt each password entry in your personal Trezor device. Password Manager then automatically uploads the encrypted data to the user’s private cloud storage, making them always available when needed. Passwords are accessed through the Trezor device and a synced Trezor Chrome extension.

In a SatoshiLabs blog post today, they said that the Trezor Password Manager,

“solves the most pressing security flaw of typical password managers — the master password unlocking the entire database. Once leaked or fished out by keylogger malware running silently on one’s computer, a malicious hacker gains access to all data stored in the password manager. Stolen login credentials are then typically sold on the black market to be further exploited by criminals for theft and impersonation.”

Each device comes equipped with two-factor authentication functionality for added security. In addition to the Password Manager, the Trezor still serves as an offline bitcoin storage device for bitcoin users to securely hold and use their bitcoin.

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SatoshiLabs says that in the future an Import/Export option will be added and that they may begin to work on an Android app too.'
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