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Tixie: The Bitcoin Price Ticker You Can Keep Next to the Bed

A new Bitcoin device is looking to enter the cryptocurrency space — and it’s called Tixie. The gadget looks like an alarm clock but instead displays the current spot price of Bitcoin on its digital screen. Crypto-enthusiasts can now wake up in the morning or the middle of the night to get real-time updates on the digital currency’s value.

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Real Coin BitcoinReal Coin Tickers (RCT) is a startup based in Toronto, Canada that wants to “make it fun” to track the value of cryptocurrency as the technology takes root across the globe. Enter Tixie, the physical Bitcoin ticker that will begin launching a crowdfunding phase in a few weeks. Founder of RCT, Nando Rambiriche, explains:

“We believe personal finance should be something to enjoy. Using revolutionary technologies, we created something for everyone to interact with their money in a unique and fun way.”

RCT designed Tixie because they found themselves always looking at the value of Bitcoin through apps and phones. The stand-alone applications just weren’t cutting the mustard for the team, so they designed a physical device for price checking. The software placed inside the device has an ambient light to capture your attention in the bedroom, office or wherever you choose to keep your ticker. Tixie’s display has four settings; it checks the current price of Bitcoin, shows two account balances, time, and local temperature.

Tixie Bitcoin Price TickerTixie supports Wi-Fi connectivity and has three touch buttons located on the top of its exterior for changing the settings as well as two USB ports to charge cell phones and other mobile devices. Users can navigate through different modes, light colors, and currency units with the gadget itself. Additionally, the ticker can connect to a mobile app, linking two Bitcoin wallets whose account balances can be viewed on the display. The company also states:

“Interested in Bitcoin’s price? Of course you are! Tixie will not only tick the price in your local currency, it will also glow from red to green with it’s built in ambient light so you will know with just a glance how the price is trending.” 

tixie-bitcoin-ticker-072RCT explains that the goal is “to make the use of digital currency more engaging and enjoyable.” Tixie is a project that the team started in their spare time, according to Rambiriche and the development was also self-funded. The founder is passionate about Bitcoin and tells us there are many more features to come to Tixie and their web page. One plan is to partner with an exchange so users can purchase bitcoin with the device using a credit card.

The startup is already collaborating with bitconnect.info that offers information on the digital currency. RCT will launch an Indiegogo campaign for the project and “raise funds in order to mass produce Tixie and to continue making unique real world blockchain based devices for the everyday person.” Rambiriche explains that people can sign up at their website to be notified when the crowdfunding begins.

What do you think of RCT’s idea for a physical Bitcoin price ticker? Let us know in the comments below!

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