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The Turing Trust Now Accepts Bitcoin Donations

The Turing Trust is a nonprofit organization created in 2009 by family members of the renowned cryptographer and mathematician Alan TuringToday, the founder of the Turing Trust and great nephew of the pioneering computer scientist, James Turing, announced to that they will be accepting the cryptocurrency for donations. 

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The Turing Trust Giving Back to the Network

The nonprofit organization provides educational training and computers for those residing in the sub-Saharan African region. By donating used computers and IT skill development, the organization hopes to honor the Turing legacy by empowering people with technology.

“Bitcoin is the world’s first borderless currency and it will increase our donation efficiency by utilizing more direct exchange rates whilst also helping us to reach out to new supporters from around the world,”  James Turing told

He continued:

Whilst people are clamoring for the latest iPhone in the developed world there are people in developing countries who are yet to use a computer, reducing their likelihood of gaining employment in today’s digital age. By accepting bitcoin we hope it will help put more computers in schools and support our many volunteers here in the UK.

IMG_2102-e1437227599403The Turing Trust nonprofit is committed to promoting educational resources and IT training to schools in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi. The organization also operates in the U.K. where it “focuses on improving the local social impact of our operation.”

In 2015, the Turing Trust has sent over 1,100 computers to schools in Africa. They have sponsored 30 students and have provided six advanced IT training courses for 191 students. Computers donated in 2015 increased by 150% from the previous year due to additional donations and more skilled support.

“We are a small organization reliant on volunteers, and every little bit helps when it comes to fundraising and furthering our work. By accepting bitcoin we make it possible for people all over the world to support us by allowing them to donate in small or large amounts at their discretion,” the organization states on its website. 


During the second World War, Alan Turing worked for the government helping decipher German naval communications. Turing had devised many new cryptographic techniques and created an electromechanical machine to aid the deciphering process. James Turing believes that his great uncle had introduced innovative and pioneering contributions to the world of computer science. Satoshi’s protocol Bitcoin relies on the very foundations Turing conceived in the past, and his spirit lives on through these technologies.

“We believe that Alan’s philanthropic spirit can live on through the Turing Trust where his legacy can help improve the lives of those who have not yet benefited from the technological wonders of the information age that Alan helped to bring us,” James Turing explained.

He added:

Alan played a vital role in supporting the growth of the digital age which has revolutionized the way we live.  His contributions to the fields of mathematics, cryptography and computer science have arguably paved the way for Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention of Bitcoin.

Along with accepting bitcoin for donations The Turing Trust will be implementing a full node at their headquarters to support the network. Additionally, the nonprofit will also be giving away small amounts of the digital currency to the group’s volunteers for educational purposes. Furthermore, the charity will be launching a store via the OpenBazaar decentralized marketplace to add more donation avenues for donors.

“Life is about give and take, so we will be starting at least one full node in the near future to support the Bitcoin network,” explained James Turing. “We will also be giving away small amounts of bitcoin as part of our volunteer inductions for educational purposes, and we have already started experimenting with opening a store on OpenBazaar.”


He believes the charity is a noble cause that has progressed immensely since its inception, explaining that since 2009 the Trust has provided IT equipment and training to “people in disadvantaged communities in rural parts of Kenya, Ghana and Malawi.” Because these used computers would generally end up in landfills, the initiative instead provides volunteer opportunity for those in the UK and benefits both citizens in Africa and the environment as well. is pleased to hear that the charity is now accepting the digital currency and hopes its initiative continues to help those who want to learn and gain technical experience in the digital age.

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