Here’s The Trading Center In HK Where They Mined Most of the Bitcoin Cash Blocks

Earlier today we reported on the unknown pool that has been mining a vast majority of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blocks so far. Now has had an exclusive conversation with the miner from Hong Kong otherwise known as ‘MC Pool.’

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A Discussion With the Hong Kong Bitcoin Cash Miner

Currently, there have been two mining pools that have dedicated significant hashpower towards the BCH network — Viabtc and an unknown mining operation called ‘MC Pool.’ The ‘MC Pool’ has mined most of the BCH blocks in existence, and the block’s coinbase data has revealed an address to a backpackers hostel in Hong Kong called Kwong Wah Mansion. For instance, the very last BCH block mined has a Coinbase that says, “Genesis Block 269-273 Hennessy Road Wan Chai Hong Kong.” So decided to reach out to the miner operating from within the hostel. The operator of the pool wishes to remain anonymous.

The Trading Center In HK Where They Mined Most of the Bitcoin Cash Blocks
The owner and operator of “Genesis Block” Hong Kong Bitcoin Center sent us this photograph.

According to the owner of ‘MC pool’ in Hong Kong, he and his “big miner friends” started mining BCH “for fun.” Additionally, the miner started mining BCH to promote his new trading center called “Genesis Block.” The trading center will focus on day trading, Over-the-Counter (OTC) sales, retail, night-time lectures, sharing and local cryptocurrency meet-ups.

“You are asking about the genesis block?” the miner asks via Wechat. “I am part of the people mining those blocks. We are opening a trading center at that address. Our operation is huge, but the BCH difficulty is the same as BTC.”

Mining Bitcoin Cash for Fun and to Promote the New Trading Center

The Hong Kong miner then goes on to explain that he and “most of his friends” have already switched back to the BTC main chain. They started mining yesterday, Hong Kong time, and the miner says the operation hasn’t been profitable due to the difficulty. “Return still cannot catch up to difficulty,” explains the miner. Since switching back to the main chain, the Hong Kong miner doesn’t think they will mine it again. He doesn’t believe his “friends” will jump back into mining BCH either. When we asked again why he decided to mine the BCH chain he explains;

Seriously for fun and to promote the new trading center in Hong Kong.

The Trading Center In HK Where They Mined Most of the Bitcoin Cash Blocks
Only twelve BCH blocks have been mined so far. Two-thirds of the blocks have been found by the Hong Kong miner “MC Pool.”

‘Only Time Will Tell if Bitcoin Cash Survives’

Now that his operation has left the BCH mining up to “other miners,” we asked him if he thinks the new chain will survive. “I think so, it happened with other cryptocurrency already. It can co-exist.” The miner says they plan on opening the trading center in mid-September and the building is currently under renovation. When we asked him if he wanted to say something to those supporting the BCH chain, the Hong Kong miner states;

I have nothing to add. Only time will tell which one will survive eventually.

What do you think about the Bitcoin Cash miner from Hong Kong? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  • Honorable Optimist

    That is freaken cool. I am jealous.

  • Carl Latchford

    So, this small group mined the most blocks for fun, are you kidding me? Sounds like FUD to me

  • Liberty88

    Litecoin or Digibyte is what I think. They’re already set up for small, fast transactions. – Already been established for years.

  • Alan Craig

    this operation is owned and funded by Bitcoin Jesus everyone thought him an idiot but this man controls a hell of a lot bitcoin hash.How do I know because I know him personally

    • Sneha

      How can I reach him

  • meltorgamblor

    This explains so much. I’m glad they stopped mining though because now we can have <6blocks in 12 hours and the difficulty will reduce.

  • Eki Mob

    looks to me like without these guys mining the hashing power on the BCC chain is just screwed until the difficulty reduces. How far will it automatically reduce?

  • wolfman

    I still think they can be complimentary to each other and both will grow BTC for value and BCH for heavy transactions. Some one please explain why they HAVE to be advasaries?

  • wolfman

    at 11 billion in market cap, I doubt that it is going away

    • RJF

      Down to 8+ and dropping quickly…

      • wolfman

        Now down to 6 and may get to 2 But i still believe it will not go away if the mining stays profitable

  • “The operator of the pool wishes to remain anonymous.”

    He has an interesting way of expressing it!

  • Ashraful Hoque

    This is what happens when the hashing power is centralised. Most of the top coins are the victim of such power centralisation. We need to deviate from this trend so that the market is not manipulated in this way. One solution is keep mining easy with accessible resources for everyone.

  • great…