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The Third Annual World Blockchain Forum Heads to London

On September 25 & 26, 2017 the world’s leading blockchain conference organizer Moe Levin from Keynote Events has announced the Third Annual World Blockchain Forum taking place at the Oval Space in London. The event will provide two days of valuable information covering topics like distributed ledger technology, cryptocurrency solutions, and the recent popularity of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).

The Third Annual World Blockchain Forum Heads to London

This year’s World Blockchain Forum in London will showcase an in-depth look at all the emerging technologies surrounding the cryptocurrency and blockchain landscape. Keynote has meticulously scouted the best speakers in the world to give attendees thought provoking speeches on the subject of bitcoin, altcoins, ICOs, distributed ledger databases, and all the innovative applications related to these technologies.

The London-based World Blockchain Forum’s speakers will include serial entrepreneur Richard Titus, EOS/Blockone’s CEO Brendan Blumer, Augur’s Jeremy Gardner, Jaxx CEO Anthony DiIorio, Sean Walsh of Redwood City Ventures, Stelian Balta of Hyperchain Capital, Jonathan Chester of Bitwage, and many more. The founder of Keynote Events, Moe Levin, is thrilled to throw another world class event in the beautiful city of London. Levin told;

As the community and ecosystem evolves, so do we. As members of the community, we aim to showcase the best and brightest, and generate even more interest in the technology. Bitcoin and blockchain remain the most inclusive communities and we strategically embrace newcomers and veterans of bitcoin, blockchain and everything in between.

Levin commented further, “Our events have been the platform on which some of the most important ICOs in the world have launched. From Ethereum and Bitshares in 2014, to Mastercoin, Factom, Augur, Monero, and others on stage, we’ve been around since the beginning, and are witnessing the creation of a trillion dollar industry.”

The Third Annual World Blockchain Forum Heads to London
The Oval Space in London.

Lots of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Related Speeches and Discussion

The World Blockchain Forum’s (WBF) attendees will have a lot of topics to discuss as the conference will touch on a lot of subject material concerning these nascent technologies. WBF participants will hear about the revolutionary impact blockchain technology will have on the world of finance. Further attendees will hear about the current state of the most prominent cryptocurrency Bitcoin and what’s in store for the future of this decentralized asset. Additionally, the WBF audience will hear about the latest crowdfunding ventures otherwise known as ICOs, smart contracts, decentralized apps, digital currency regulation, investment opportunities, and much more. Levin adds;

It’s our goal, now more than ever, with BIP91, Segwit, UASF, to unify the community and bring back the old crypto-community. We accomplish this through networking, making our voices heard, and listening to all proposals.

Celebrating Blockchain Technology’s Beautiful Disruption

The conference aims to please both novices and cryptocurrency veterans throughout the two-day blockchain event. In addition to the speakers, there will be exhibits, and products people can experiment with and see in person within the halls of the conference. London is a well known financial tech hotspot and is a perfect place to hold a blockchain conference of this magnitude. Levin and the rest of the team at Keynote look forward to hosting the two days of education, networking and ultimately celebrating the beautiful disruption blockchain technology has given the world.

Will you be attending the World Blockchain Forum in London this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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Images via Pixabay, WBF, and the Oval Space London.

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