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The Four Pillars Making Up The Bitcoin Community

The Bitcoin community can be divided into four major types of users. Not just based on their gender or age, but rather the underlying reason for why they got involved with Bitcoin in the first place. Each of these four major categories can be divided even further, but it is safe to say there are four major reasons why Bitcoin attracts different people from all aspects of life.

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Bitcoin = Anarchy In The Financial and Technological World

Bitcoin.com_Bitcoin Anarchy

Anarchy has a very negative connotation in this day and age, despite the term expressing a desire to change the way how something is deemed “normal” or “acceptable” in its current form. The financial system, for example, seems to work just fine for most people, despite a few major crises crumbling economies all over the world.

Regardless of the lack of financial innovation in the past sixty years or so, the financial system in its current form is far from adequate. In fact, some experts would go as far as saying the system only works because so many people are entrenched in the mindset of it being their only accessible gateway to financial services.

Nothing could be further from the truth, however, as the financial ecosystem we all know, and love/hate is not our only option. Bitcoin, a disruptive technology aimed to shake up the financial world to no end, offers a far more accessible solution. No government control, no central banks, just the basic form of a growing economy: supply and demand.

Fierce Bitcoin enthusiasts are often referred to as “anarchists”, simply because they have seen the benefits of virtual currency and embrace them to the fullest extent. The way they advocate the desire to spread the word on Bitcoin and virtual currency might be labeled by some as “slightly overenthusiastic” though.

That being said, the connotation of “anarchy” in the Bitcoin scene is far less negative than most people assume. Bitcoin can overthrow the financial system as we know it, but only through proper dialogue and communication. Until that happens, there is no reason virtual currencies could not peacefully co-exist with the traditional financial ecosystem we are using right now.

The Bitcoin Evangelist – Not Your Everyday Preacher

Bitcoin.com_Bitcoin Evangelist

Evangelizing something a person is passionate about is a process that takes place subconsciously. A Bitcoin evangelist will talk to anyone and everyone about this new form of money and technology, in an attempt to “convert” others to join the community. Some people will gladly listen, whereas others want nothing to do with the topic of Bitcoin. 

But there is more to a Bitcoin evangelist than just talking about virtual currency. Someone who truly believes Bitcoin is the future – either as money, technology, or ideology – will open a dialogue with the people around them. Blabbing on about Bitcoin is not that difficult, but engaging an audience is.

Furthermore, a Bitcoin evangelist will never tell someone else that what they are doing right now is wrong. The main goal of Bitcoin is to show people there is a viable alternative within reach if they choose to accept and embrace the opportunity. Bitcoin evangelists simply spread the message about this alternative, but will never force anyone to get involved with Bitcoin other than through that person’s free will and desire to do so.

Last but not last, a Bitcoin evangelist is not “preaching” about virtual currency in the traditional sense. These people are very excited about Bitcoin and its potential for the future and want to share that vision with others. Finding like-minded people takes time, and evangelizing Bitcoin is a slow process that will pay dividends in the long run. However, there is no such thing as peer pressure when it comes to Bitcoin evangelists, unlike people who evangelize certain materialistic goods.

The Bitcoin Entrepreneur – Major Plans For The Future

Bitcoin.com_Bitcoin Entrepreneur

Over the years, quite a few people have come up with new and creative ideas to implement Bitcoin in the daily lives of consumers. Whether that is to be achieved through financial or technological means, differs from project to project. But all Bitcoin entrepreneurs have one thing in common: they see a future where virtual currency and blockchain technology take a center stage.

Getting involved in the Bitcoin ecosystem as an aspiring entrepreneur is not an easy task, though. Coming up with a great idea is just the first small step towards realizing a goal. For most ideas, a proper team needs to be formed, business plans have to be drafted, and most importantly, funding needs to be secured. Especially this last step has proven to be quite difficult for most entrepreneurs, despite VC funds flowing into Bitcoin increasing year over year.

On top of that, most Bitcoin entrepreneurs still have a lot to learn. Bitcoin is a relatively new form of technology, and business ideas sometimes lack the guidance and experience of “veteran” entrepreneurs. Efforts are underway to help Bitcoin startups reach their full potential, however, and great things are expected over the next few years.

Anyone in the world who has an idea to get involved with Bitcoin and virtual currencies can become an entrepreneur. There is still lots of room for growth and potential, and Bitcoin offers a way to create a job out of nothing, so to speak. Just because an entrepreneur is involved in virtual currency doesn’t make him or her less competent. In fact, they possess all the tools to achieve many great things in life.

The Bitcoin Hater – Every Movement Has At Least One

Bitcoin.com_Bitcoin Haters

Similar to how any other communities work, there are always people who get involved with something to point out flaws, weaknesses and post derogatory comments about other community members. Bitcoin no exception to this rule, albeit there is a slightly more positive trend in the world of virtual currencies.

It is not surprising that quite a few people hate Bitcoin with a passion. Bitcoin has the potential to destroy everything those people worked for or benefit from, and seeing the world go up in flames around them is not a pretty sight. For some of us, it really would be a fun sight, but that’s a different matter altogether.

Despite their hatred for Bitcoin, these people are also providing the community with an important source of information. By spouting all kinds of negativity about Bitcoin, the currency, the protocol, and the technology, potential weaknesses can be identified and improved upon. In fact, Bitcoin haters might be some of the most important community members in that regard, as they see issues, no one else seems to notice.

Over time,n most Bitcoin haters come around and start to see the benefits of the currency, the technology, and the idea behind Bitcoin. Some will turn into evangelists whereas others will become entrepreneurs or even Bitcoin anarchists. This endless cycle will continue over time, just like the spokes of a wheel in motion keep turning and burning.

In which category would you place yourself, and why? Let us know in the comments below!



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