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The Decentralize Your Life Tour Promotes Freedom Cells Throughout the U.S.

This past July spoke with Derrick Broze host of the Conscious Resistance Network about the first leg of his Decentralize Your Life 2017 tour. This week we caught up with Broze at the end of his travels across the U.S. throughout the Midwest and West Coast part of his visit to discuss how the trip was going. Broze a self-proclaimed agorist-activist said the tour so far was thrilling and he had the chance to spread the ideas of free-market activism and cryptocurrencies throughout each community.

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The Decentralize Your Life Tour Promotes Freedom Cells Throughout the U.S.

Free Association, Self-Empowerment, and Decentralization spoke with Derrick Broze again this week, as he’s finished the second leg of his Decentralize Your Life Tour throughout the West Coast and Midwest states within the U.S. The tour is an effort to spread the benefits of free association, self-empowerment, and decentralization. Broze started the trip visiting the Gulf Coast and is currently preparing to embark on the East Coast part of his travels.

“The West Coast and Midwest tour was great,” Broze told “We had events that were small and more personal, and we also had events with larger crowds. Every city was very welcoming, and we were excited to share our ideas and learn from the communities we visited.”

We used crypto nearly every day by paying for gas with the Bitpay card and were also selling books and shirts for bitcoin at every stop.

The First Steps Towards Growing the Counter-Economy and the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem.

The Decentralize Your Life Tour Promotes Freedom Cells Throughout the U.S.
Founder of the Conscious Resistance Network, Derrick Broze.

Broze explains that it’s been amazing to be able to travel the countryside and spread the message of free markets and agorism. The activist says some fantastic communities were focused on the idea of decentralization; including areas like Walsenburg, Colorado, Salt Lake City, and Cincinnati. “Overall, the whole tour was a powerful way to connect with other like-minded individuals seeking solutions,” details Broze.

“We spent time each night discussing the practical tools for decentralizing and unplugging from the mainstream systems — Part of this message is to break away from the mainstream economy (aka the Federal Reserve system) by using alternatives to the Federal Reserve note,” Broze emphasizes.

We encourage people to learn about localized community currencies, barter networks, time banks, and cryptocurrencies. So getting them to download wallets is a very simple first step towards growing the counter economy and the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Laying the Groundwork for Freedom Cells

During the East Coast trip, the Decentralize Your Life Tour is headed to Florida first and then the crew will be making its way up the coast, stopping in Baltimore, Philly, New York City, and then to Asheville, Atlanta, and Tuscaloosa. So far, Broze says they have been able to promote the concept of Freedom Cells quite a bit, and have encouraged the creation of new cells.

“After we wrapped up our stop in San Diego, our friends Stephanie and Nick (of the Anti Media) decided to create the San Diego Free Thinkers as their local community cell,” the activist explains to “They are now beginning to meet regularly and launch new projects to help each other reach a point where we look to our communities for support rather than the state or corporate power.”

This tour is the first of several to come. This is laying the groundwork for future tours where will visit more cities and spend more time teaching and learning from the communities we visit.

What do you think about the Decentralize Your Life tour? Let us know in the comments below.

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