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Here Are All the Dankest Crypto-Memes of 2016

In the bitcoin space memes are a popular way of showing enthusiasm within the community. Memes give people a laugh and promote bitcoin adoption in an artistic and sometimes hilarious way. As the new year approaches, gathered some of the dankest memes floating around social media this year representing everyone’s favorite digital asset.

2016 was filled with many memes from various bitcoin proponents and artists such as Phneep, Cryptograffiti, and many others. Even the infamous Rare Pepe was “blockchained” this year. Check out some of the hottest cryptocurrency visuals this year below.

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The 2016 Meme Exhibit

“The DAO Incident” created by Crypto-Comics


 “The 2016 Reward Halving” created by 

cmtugfpwgaar4yz-jpg-large“Trump Bitcoin” created by Cryptograffiti 


“I Want My BTC” created by Phneep 


“Make Bitcoin Great Again” created by SatoshiGallery


“Follow The White Rabbit” created by Alex B.


“Blockchain” created by Tim Pastoor


“I Love This Game” created by


“Bitcoin The Halvening” created by Phneep 


“Rare Pepe Blockchain Trading Cards” created by the Rare Pepe Foundation


“Bitcoin Puzzle” created by SatoshiGallery


“Oie Satoshi” created by Leah Stephens


“Brave the Halving” created by Cryptograffiti


“Ethereum Classic/One Coin Double” created by Unknown


“Minero Bitcoin” created by Guillermo Mejías


“Orange Bitcoin” created by Phneep


“Happy Holiday Run 2016” created by 


“R3CEV2” created by Phneep 


Until Next Year’s Memes

This year’s collection of memes was large and filled with all the hot topics of 2016, from the Donald Trump presidency, bank blockchains, the DAO debacle, the halvening, and so many more memorable events. With all these hilarious “editable private” blockchains, and amid the seriousness of the block size debate, memes definitely help take the edge off.

At we hope our readers had a wonderful 2016 and we look forward to spending 2017 spreading bitcoin adoption further. We hope you all enjoy this year’s creative memes and graphic illustrations from all these crypto-artists.

What was your favorite crypto-related graphic or meme? Let us know in the comments below.

Images via Phneep, Cryptograffiti, SatoshiGallery, Leah Stephens, Tim Pastoor, Alex B.,, Guillermo Mejías, Rare Pepe Foundation, and Crypto-Comics. 

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