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The Daily: New Education Centers, Vietnamese Ask for Fraudster’s Extradition

In today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief we cover a number of new academic education centers around the world devoted to the research of the technology behind cryptocurrency, and demands by Vietnamese victims for an alleged fraudster’s extradition plus an update about Kickico.

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Tsinghua University Research Center

The Daily: New Education Centers, Vietnamese Ask for Fraudster’s ExtraditionChina Internet Nationwide Financial Services Inc. (NASDAQ: CIFS), a financial advisory services provider, has announced an agreement with Tsinghua University to establish an “Industry Trusted Blockchain Application Technology Joint Research Center”. The stated purpose of the center is developing key technologies to support the blockchain ecosystem in the country, as well as common architectural systems and models needed to support blockchain applications for a range of industries.

Mr. Bin Yang, Vice President of Tsinghua University, noted, “The development of industry-trusted blockchain application technologies has become a vital national strategy for all countries. It is an important goal for us to deeply build digital ecosystems, which once integrated into our economy should speed up China’s economic transition by upgrading the industry standard. The digital transformation has only just begun and the development of industry trusted blockchain applications is expected to have a number of positive impacts for the society.”

Bahçeşehir University Innovation Center

According to media reports from Turkey, the Istanbul Blockchain and Innovation Center was inaugurated on Friday at Bahçeşehir University. It is said to work with students and entrepreneurs who want to conduct academic studies in the field. “The purpose of the BlockchainIST project is to be the most important center of research and development and innovation in Turkey in which scientific studies and publications are made in blockchain technologies. To this end, it is crucial to cooperate with other universities, the business world and government institutions,” stated Director Bora Erdamar. “We will strive to train Turkey’s human resources in blockchain and enable the country to lead the world in this area,” he added.

Hartford, Connecticut Chain Valley

The Daily: New Education Centers, Vietnamese Ask for Fraudster’s ExtraditionSeven Stars Cloud Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: SSC), the fintech firm of Chinese media tycoon Bruno Wu, has announced that it will be establishing its global headquarters for technology and innovation, called Chain Valley, in Connecticut. The company said it will be transforming Uconn’s former campus in West Hartford into a center for research, training, and business development with a $283 million investment expected to create 330 jobs over the next five years.

“We are thrilled to have found such a wonderful spot right here in central Connecticut,” Bruno Wu said. “It is here that the first students to ever leave China, the Mission Boys, settled in the late 1800s to study Western science and engineering. It is in the spirit of these students that we will build a facility so modern and dynamic that it will attract the best talent and companies, making this site the blockchain capital of the U.S. and the world. This fantastic location provides access to a highly skilled workforce, as well as more than 40 institutions of higher learning, and several major metropolitan areas all in proximity of this site. It is an ideal location for our firm to write our next chapter, and we could not be more excited to soon join this wonderful community in West Hartford.”

Vietnamese Ask for Fraudster’s Extradition

The Daily: New Education Centers, Vietnamese Ask for Fraudster’s ExtraditionOver 1,000 people have signed a petition asking for the extradition to Vietnam of Le Minh Tam, the CEO of Ho Chi Minh City-based crypto mining scheme Sky Mining. The petition claims that the alleged fraudsters behind the company “invited 5,000 persons with each investment package from $500 to $5000. They used money to buy machine to get Bitcoin and promised to share the profit with investors. But finally, they escaped with all money, estimated $36 million dollars. Their Victims are not only in Vietnam but also in Japan, Africa. Some of the victims borrow money or sold estate to invest, so now lose everything and someone had killed themselves. Cheaters buy house in San Jose California and now stay in Atlanta or Germany. We need them come back to Vietnam to solve problem. Please Expel them from your countries!” According to local media reports, the Vietnamese police said that Tam left the country on July 22 and flew to Doha, Qatar.

Kickico Update

Kickico, which recently recovered 70 million stolen KICK tokens following a hack, has promised to compensate all stolen KICK tokens and soon begin transferring funds to users’ wallets. The team has also reportedly planned an airdrop of a new project’s native coin (called U.Community) to current KICK token holders, and the estimated pool value may reach $40 million. “It was through the vigilance and collaborative efforts of our community and team which led to such a positive result. Clearly the market has positively reacted to our handling of the situation. Together with all the support from our users, this has led to the growth of the token’s value,” said Alexander Spirin, Head of Community at Kickico.

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