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The Daily: Bitcoin Art Merges Canvas and Augmented Reality, Bitmain IPO Update

In today’s edition of The Daily we feature an interesting art exhibition which merges augmented reality technology with oil paintings inspired by Bitcoin and cryptocurrency culture. We also cover updates about the Bitmain IPO, ASX’s “blockchain” deployment and Alexander Vinnik’s extradition case.

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Bitcoin Art Merges Canvas and Augmented Reality

Scoland-based tech artist, Trevor Jones, has revealed that he will be launching a new series of oil paintings ‘fuelled’ with augmented reality and inspired by cryptocurrency culture at the Dundas Street Gallery in Edinburgh in October. The exhibition, titled “DISRUPTION: The Art of Blockchain” will feature 14 large paintings and accompanying media covering various aspects of crypto and investing. These include portraits of some known figures as well as artwork with titles such as The Ecstasy, The Agony, The Hodler and The Day Trader. Viewers can download an app to scan each piece and trigger the AR features.

Jones explained his choice of subject, stating: “The last 7 years I’ve been focussed on creating innovative art that pushes formal boundaries and adds to the creative knowledge set, that challenges and perhaps even threatens the status quo, and that encourages people to question what a painting can actually be. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are doing similar things with fiat and the financial sector. It made sense to me to try to tie this all together and explore the notion of a crypto themed exhibition.”

The artist has also ‘annexed’ the Scottish National Portrait Gallery to transform many historical portraits paintings into key figures of the cryptocurrency community. Jones explained, “After researching the world of cryptocurrency this last year for my forthcoming exhibition I discovered many of the key players in the crypto community were regarded almost as royalty. I thought it was fitting that I transform the portraits of some of Scotland’s greatest historical figures; kings, queens, philosophers and scientists, into these new tech entrepreneurs and ‘explorers’ of the 21st century.”

Bitmain IPO Update

Apparently the rumors that a Singaporean sovereign wealth like fund has invested in the upcoming multi billion Bitmain IPO are all just #fakenews. Temasek Holdings Private Limited, the holding company owned by the Government of Singapore, which owns and manages a net portfolio of over $300 billion, has issued a statement rebuking the media speculations about its involvement with the Beijing-headquartered ASIC miner’s producer going public. The company stated: “We have seen commentary about an IPO involving a cryptocurrency company, Bitmain. Temasek is not an investor in Bitmain, and has never had discussions with, or an investment in, Bitmain. News reports about our involvement in their IPO are false.”

ASX Pushes Back “Blockchain” Deployment by 6 Months

The Daily: Bitcoin Art Merges Canvas and Augmented Reality, Bitmain IPO UpdateIn another blow to the hype around corporate blockchains, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has further delayed the deployment of its blockchain-based clearing, settlement and post-trade solution. The exchange asked for feedback about the plan earlier this year and now reveals that respondents “questioned whether the proposed implementation window of Q4 2020 to Q1 2021 was achievable given the significance of the technology change and the range of new scope being introduced.” As a result, ASX has modified the plan and will push back the earliest commencement date for the new system from Q4 2020 to target March-April 2021. This will provide an additional six months for user development and testing.

BTC-e Linked to Russian ‘Fancy Bear’ Hacking Unit?

A new report may explain why the US and Russia are each fighting so hard to ensure that Alexander Vinnik, the suspected BTC-e exchange operator, will be extradited from Greece to their hands and not to the other country’s. Crypto cybersecurity firm Elliptic claims that BTC-e handled some funds linked to ‘Fancy Bear’ – a Russian military intelligence unit that US investigators accuse of hacking Democrats’ emails ahead of the 2016 presidential elections. “There was a strong link between much of the funds allegedly used by the Fancy Bear group and BTC-e,” said Tom Robinson, Elliptic’s chief data officer. “What I can’t say for certain is whether Fancy Bear obtained them directly from BTC-e, or whether there was an intermediary.”

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