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The Coolest Jobs in Crypto

Meme Lord. Street artist. Unique startup founder. Feeder of the hungry. There’s no end to the amount of cool jobs in crypto, and new uses for decentralized, peer-to-peer cash are limited only by the bounds of one’s imagination. Whether finding new and innovative solutions for longstanding societal or technological problems, just having fun, or both, those receiving a paycheck in digital currencies aren’t always day traders or suits doing desk work at a big firm.

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Cool Money

Crypto is cool money. Peer-to-peer, decentralized and permissionless cash like bitcoin opens all sorts of opportunities for entrepreneurs, employers and employees alike. Without cumbersome banks, excessive fees and regulations standing in the way, sending and receiving payments for services is easier than ever. So is giving. While most everyone knows about the more conventional jobs in the space, this article aims to focus on the decentralized heart of crypto, where creatives and everyday individuals are leveraging the power of internet money for an unorthodox living or lifestyle.

Cool Crypto Gigs

Meme Lord

“So what do you do?”

“Oh, me? I’m a crypto meme lord.”

It’s no joke. If your dream job is to spend your days doing exactly what you do now — fighting the great meme wars of the 2010s and soon 20s — crypto makes that possible. In August, crypto swapping application was on the lookout for a “Meme Lord/Specialist.” The now expired (and ostensibly filled) job listing states the applicant would be responsible for “meme creation and related activities. If you have a ‘no idea is too spicy’ approach to memes and know how to push buttons, this may be the role for you.”

The posting goes on to note that his or her highness would be paid in a “cryptocurrency of [their] choice” and that hours are flexible as “Sideshift AI is focused on output.” The posting requires no resume, just the submission of a couple memes and desired hourly rate, plus a spicy meme idea for consideration.

Crypto Artist

Art and bitcoin go together like bread and butter, thanks to the openness and innovation both areas of free and permissionless human activity share. However, the pay the bills aspect when it comes to this nexus isn’t as often discussed. French artist Pboy has it down to a science. As reported in October, Pascal Boyart (Pboy) is not only making significant side scratch from his murals and economics-focused street art, he’s helping others to to do it too, with a bilingual, in-depth tutorial on how to attach QR codes to large murals. What’s cooler than spray-painting the town in counter-economics propaganda and getting paid for it?

Speaking, Crypto Nomadism and Other Independent Work

Cryptocurrencies can be freely traded peer-to-peer and are digital, thus there are fewer limits imposed on what enterprising minds can do to provide a service and be recompensed in the market. Whether a popular crypto vlogger and speaker like Ivan on Tech, a digital nomad traveling the world and documenting the adventure like Didi Taihuttu and the Bitcoin family, or someone with a new and useful app or startup idea, the cool of crypto is that it levels the playing field and opens opportunity to anyone with an idea and the drive to create it. Taihutti details the impetus for his choice to become a full-time crypto nomad with his family, saying:

I built up three successful companies but while doing so, I lost my mother when she was 48 and lost my father when he was 61. During these hard times in my life, I started reflecting life more and more and discovered that the life I was living was not the life I wanted to live. I experienced that Life could go very fast and that I needed to change. I sold my companies and started to travel with my family.

Taihuttu and his family are involved in public speaking, bitcoin education, and charity as they travel the world.

Everyday individuals are finding that their ideas are more readily noticeable and feasible than in times past, thanks to the decentralized nature of the crypto space and democratization the internet provides. So if you can think of the next cool concept, you’ve got more of a shot than ever to get it to market. Develop an app, give private tours of your city for crypto, or sell produce for bitcoin in your local farmer’s market. The sky’s the limit.


While not technically a “job” according to some, for serious crypto charity organizers, giving is a time-consuming commitment of passion, and can be much more involved than any typical nine to five work. Crypto has demolished many of the hurdles that once made helping others difficult — political borders, banking fees, regulations and slow transfer speeds.

Jose and Gabriel, who started the charity organization Eatbch in Venezuela, don’t make money from their initiative. The coolness of their crypto gig is in what they do. When the founders saw “people we knew since childhood reduced to begging and searching trash bags for scraps of food” they sprang into action leveraging crypto in an organic, decentralized way, and now provide food via BCH donations to people and communities in need. The operation has also expanded to South Sudan. When it comes to crypto there are tons of truly cool charities that are transparent (thanks to the use of blockchain), grassroots, and not organized or governed by political interests.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision and protocol for a peer-to-peer electronic cash system has revolutionized the way finance can be done. With this revolution have come all kinds of new opportunities for those with great and innovative ideas to enjoy super cool jobs.

What’s your dream crypto job? Let us know in the comments section below.

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