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TechBureau partners with SatoshiLabs to become official distributor of Trezor in Japan

The parent company of Japanese bitcoin exchange Zaif has partnered with SatoshiLabs, the maker of the bitcoin hardware wallet Trezor, to bring the device through their official distribution chain into Japan.

TechBureau is a fintech company based in Osaka, Japan, which manages and operates the Zaif exchange and also provides blockchain platform solutions. TechBureau recently raised a $6.2 million Series A round to help expand their exchange and services.

According to a new press release on the Zaif corporate website, they are also now going to be partnering with SatoshiLabs too.

Together the two companies will help promote and distribute Trezor in Japan. TechBureau also plans to integrate Trezor as a two-factor authentication method for the Zaif platform for added user security. In addition as part of the partnership, the company will be providing localized translations of Trezor’s online site mytrezor.com as well as documentation.

As part of the announcement TechBureau CEO Takao Asayama said that “in Japan, it is an honor for us” to be an official agent of the Trezor device, and that the wallet is used in more than 100 countries around the world.

For the launch of the new campaign, the company is selling 150 Trezor devices at a discount, which can be purchased online through Zaif’s Amazon store.

In Japan bitcoin has been exploding in popularity over the past several months. In particular, after new regulation was announced that seemed to bode well among the Japanese bitcoin community.

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