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TAO Network Partners with Boogie Shack Music Group

The TAO network is partnering with music publisher Boogie Shack Music Group to help develop blockchain-based tools and services for the company.

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‘TAO of Music’ Gives Artists More Control

The partnership was announced August 22, 2016, and according to the press release the partnership offers the TAO network team complete access to BSMG’s artists and the masters who signed up with Boogie shack.

The partnership will also allow the TAO team to put in practice their “TAO of Music” proof-of-concept, a DAO that will provide an artist blockchain-based solutions for the music Boogie Shack Music Groupindustry. The partnership will also give the TAO Network an insider look at the business operations of a functioning, profitable music publisher.

The project will be assisted by TAO advisor Dale Everingham, who is a 25 time Grammy-winning engineer for Destiny’s Child and En Vogue. Dale will be coordinating the development and integration of TAO Network’s solution into Boogie Shack’s existing operations.

The TAO of music project has been appraised by music industry leaders including Joe Solo, who is the producer of Macy Gray and has shared credits with musicians like Michael Jackson, Fergie, and Will.i.am. He is also a veteran composer for the Syfy Network, Pepsi, Fox Sports, CBS, NBC, ABC, HBO, and MTV.

About TAO Network

The TAO Network is a smart-contract based platform built using bitcoin code base. The platform is “content agnostic,” meaning that contracts can be developed using any protocol. The team behind the network also claims it is “user friendly” and “privacy-centric.”

About the ‘TAO of Music’

According to the press release, the “TAO of Music” project is created by a team of futurists and developers to protect and secure artists’ content over a long period of time.

TAO of Music is operated as a distributed autonomous organization that can act as a bond between competing blockchain based solutions by various music publishing administration companies. TAO Network achieves this by creating an interoperable design that can work irrespective of the format of blockchain implementation currently adopted by artists.

The TAO of Music is a public ledger that offers a one-point legal access to artists’ catalogs irrespective of the publisher who owns the rights. Essentially, the DAO provides artists a more flexible environment to distribute their content and not have to be worried about being chained to a single blockchain platform.

The crowd sale of TAO tokens is ongoing and all investing activities regarding the project will remain open until August 28, 2016.

What do you think of the partnership between the TAO Network and Boogie Shack Music Group? Let us know in the comments below!

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