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Swap BTC and BCH with the Bitcoin.com Wallet's New Shapeshift API

Bitcoin.com, the premier source for all things Bitcoin, is pleased to announce that our development team has integrated the Shapeshift.io tool within the Bitcoin.com Wallet so users can shift between bitcoin cash (BCH) and bitcoin core (BTC) all within the platform’s interface.

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The Bitcoin.com Wallet’s Shapeshifting Feature

The Bitcoin.com Wallet is a robust non-custodial cryptocurrency client that allows users to store BCH and BTC securely. Since the launch of the wallet, there have been over 1.7 million downloads across both desktop and mobile operating systems. Additionally, the Bitcoin.com Wallet is one of seven compatible clients that work with Bitpay’s Payment Protocol invoice integration.

Adding the ability to Shapeshift between bitcoin cash and bitcoin core adds another powerful feature for wallet users. Bitcoin.com’s wallet service is meant to bolster the various educational resources and tools designed to improve the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Between all of the products, services, reading materials, and tools Bitcoin.com holds, it possesses the largest amount of bitcoin resources online. The founder and CEO of Shapeshift, Erik Voorhees, explained:    

The Shapeshift integration with Bitcoin.com allows their users to exchange Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash within the Bitcoin.com Wallet —  Bitcoin.com has long been one of the most prominent voices in the Bitcoin community.

Swap BTC and BCH With the Bitcoin.com Wallet's New Shapeshift API

A Quick and Convenient Way to Swap BTC and BCH Without Registering for an Exchange

Bitcoin.com’s CEO, Roger Ver, says he’s thrilled to have a protocol like Shapeshift integrated into the wallet’s interface. The wallet’s shifting feature allows anyone to swap these two decentralized currencies quickly and conveniently without registering for an exchange.   

“This partnership with ShapeShift makes it simple for anyone to convert their bitcoin core to bitcoin cash, or vice versa,” said Roger Ver.  

This is also a major milestone for the Bitcoin.com Wallet and moves us one step closer to our goal of offering a comprehensive bitcoin platform of tools and services in addition to standard wallet features.

Using the shifting feature within the Bitcoin.com Wallet is easy and only takes a few minutes. All a user has to do is have either an amount of BCH or BTC held in their wallet, and they simply toggle the shifting feature in the ‘services’ section where the Shapeshift logo is located. This means that Bitcoin.com Wallet users can exchange BCH and BTC anytime they want without jumping through hoops.

“Shapeshift is an ideal exchange: it’s fast, easy, and requires no personal information — Integrating ShapeShift into the Bitcoin.com Wallet further increases the value proposition we strive to bring to our wallet users,” Ver adds.

What do you think about the Bitcoin.com Wallet integrating the Shapeshifting feature? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Images via Bitcoin.com and Shapeshift. 

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