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Supercharge Your BCH Workflow With Bitcoin.com's SLP and Badger SDKs

Last summer, Bitcoin.com launched a developer suite so Bitcoin Cash (BCH) programmers could have access to a slew of resources, tools, and software development kits (SDK). At the time, the web portal contained three key tools for blockchain programmers: the Bitbox SDK, REST, and the GUI platform. Now, Developer.Bitcoin.com hosts two more SDKs so developers can build applications with Badger Wallet and the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP).

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Build Killer Apps With Bitcoin.com’s Developer Platform

Bitcoin.com believes that BCH has the potential to change the world and provide people with economic freedom. On account of this conviction, our web portal provides resources, tools, and other helpful services so individuals and groups can dive right into this innovative industry that’s transforming our world. After providing a wide variety of resources for retail investors and newbies, last July we launched Developer.Bitcoin.com in order to provide assistance to the BCH development community. The service includes a bunch of tools that leverage the BCH blockchain to build decentralized and censorship-resistant applications. Initially, the software included on Developer.Bitcoin.com consisted of Bitbox SDK, REST, and GUI tools, but we’ve added two more SDKs to the mix.

Supercharge Your BCH Workflow With Bitcoin.com's SLP and Badger SDKs

Badger SDK

The first is the Badger SDK which can act as a gateway to the world of BCH apps. Programmers can utilize the Badger API and provide website visitors with the ability to allow apps to request their permission to send BCH, send tokens, or authenticate with the Cash-ID protocol. Badger Wallet has become the BCH version of Metamask as it allows connections to a variety of BCH applications and tokens. For instance, it supports SLP tokens and has been easily integrated with popular platforms such as Satoshi Dice and Sideshift. The Chrome and Firefox-based Badger software has the ability to process micropayments and smart assets, fuel decentralized exchanges, and power distributed autonomous organizations. Badger is also connected to the Cash-ID protocol which can give users the ability to sign in to web pages and BCH-based applications and unlock content using their private keys. Developer.Bitcoin.com also hosts Badger React components that make integrating Bitcoin Cash into any project much easier.

Supercharge Your BCH Workflow With Bitcoin.com's SLP and Badger SDKs


Lastly, the development suite now has a Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) SDK so users can experiment with the SLP token universe. Ever since the launch of SLP cryptocurrency, people have been creating all types of tokens built on top of the BCH network. The SLP development kit provides programmers with a fully featured Javascript framework powered by Bitbox. This means developers will have access to everything they need to issue, spend or trade a token backed by the security of the BCH chain. The SLP framework is robust and extensible toward the light wallet ecosystem and programmers can apply multi-signature addresses and other Bitcoin script features with SLP tokens as well. Moreover, there’s a built-in console with REPL, Bitbox, and a Bitcoin Cash JSON RPC API. The SLP SDK is also coupled to REST, so no further setup is necessary.

Supercharge Your BCH Workflow With Bitcoin.com's SLP and Badger SDKs

Fueling Innovation and Economic Freedom

There’s been a ton of new applications that use the innovation and security instilled within the Bitcoin Cash network and at Bitcoin.com we want to keep the momentum going. Developer.Bitcoin.com is designed to bolster the innovation and building happening in the cryptocurrency space and all of the resources are free. At Bitcoin.com we hope our developer platform will help you change the world by leveraging the benefits of the peer-to-peer electronic cash system we all love.

What do you think about Developer.Bitcoin.com? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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