Spells of Genesis Releases Road Map to Prepare for Mobile Soft Launch


Spells of Genesis Releases Road Map to Prepare for Mobile Soft Launch

Everdreamsoft, the developers behind the new mobile online trading card game Spells of Genesis, have announced a new roadmap for the blockchain-based game. It details some minor developments and bug fixes.

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 Everdreamsoft Releases New Update for SoG

The roadmap for Everdreamsoft’s newest title began on October 27th. It also contained an updated release of the game that focused on general stability and bug fixes. spells-of-genesis-banner

Additionally, another update is scheduled for release on the second week of November. This is will be the game’s last test version before the mobile soft-launch candidate in late November.

This upcoming update will be released after testing and validation from All 4 Games — the game publishing division of British public-service television broadcaster, Channel 4.

EverdreamSoft marketing manager Markéta Korteova commented on the developmental roadmap, saying the development team is mostly focusing on maintaining the game’s integrity.

“Currently, we are focusing our efforts on testing and polishing the game and fixing bugs rather than on adding new features or visual effects.

While the game’s final release is still up in the air, additional updates are scheduled throughout the month of November.

 Spells of Genesis Still a Work in Progress

Spells of GenesisUntil then, Everdreamsoft, in partnership with All 4 Games, will soft-launch the game’s English-language mobile version in Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and Switzerland, with in-app purchases.

Soon after, an “extra surprise” will surface, offering a “brand-new view of the whole Askian region,” according to Korteova.

“Together with All 4 Games, we are regularly reviewing gameplay and defining development priorities,” said Korteova. “Our goal in working with All 4 Games is to reach long-term success, while offering a top-notch quality game.”

EverdreamSoft announced their partnership with Channel 4’s All 4 Games in October, a union aimed at preparing Spells of Genesis for mainstream markets.

The roadmap announcement follows the game’s soft launch in mid-September, which acted as a trial run for SoG. This soft release was subsequently followed by an entire reboot of the game soon after.

There will be two more game resets to prepare for the official launch. As with prior resets, these will also eliminate all solo gains and make all players start from scratch.

What do you think of Everdreamsoft’s announcement of their developmental roadmap for Spells of Genesis? Let us know in the comments below.

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