Spells Of Genesis Introduces Player Evolution and New Spell-System


Spells Of Genesis Introduces Player Evolution & New Spell-System

The time has come to take another look at how far Spells of Genesis is coming along. The popular blockchain-based card game is starting to hit some major milestones, which also means players get to enjoy new features and updates. Among those new features are the spell-system, a map to replace the chapters, and the ability to obtain cards by playing the game more.

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It does not happen often to see game developers refer to players as if they are “evolving” in the game. In most games, the process is referred to as “leveling” or “advancing,” but never “evolving.” Oddly enough, players are evolving in the games they play as they spend more time doing so and learning new things along the way.

Evolving in the Spells of Genesis ecosystem will reward players with gold – to buy additional cards – and elemental crystals, which can be used to make cards “evolve.” As you would come to expect from such a game mechanic, all acquired cards will be bound to that player’s account. However, these obtained cards will not be blockchain-based until they have evolved three times. Once these steps have been completed, players can trade these cards outside the game.  

Duplicate cards can be used to forge stronger cards of that type, which will increase its statistics and spell. Evolving cards can also be achieved by spending in-game elemental crystals, which are acquired by completing levels in Spells of Genesis. Speaking of completing levels, the game will receive an overhaul as to how new levels are introduced.

Spells of Genesis game developer, Jasper Damman, stated:

“We included evolving cards in order to give each card value. When the player has duplicates, he can fuse them together to create stronger ones. If the player has weaker cards, he can sacrifice them for element crystals, which are needed for evolving his stronger cards. And the feeling you get when evolving your card and seeing its stats increase is very exciting. Also, in this way the blockchain-based cards will always be valuable, as they are the final evolution.”

Random cards with a higher probability of being a “strong” card can be bought with the premium Spells of Genesis in-game currency “gems.” Purchasing gems can be done with fiat currency or Bitcrystals. Additionally, Gems can be used to unlock additional features, or replenish the health of cards in the current deck.

Rather than using a chapter-based system, Spells of Genesis players can see new levels on the map of Askian. Levels in the game are unlocked in a linear fashion, and progressing will open up new adventures to explore. The map still needs to be virtually designed, though, and a temporary placeholder map of Moonga has been added to the game.

[Note from the Author: these changes will go live in a future update, and were not included in the Spells of Genesis update that occurred on Thursday, December 10.]

Bonus-system Becomes Spell-systemBitcoin.com_Spells of Genesis Card

The biggest change coming to Spells of Genesis is how the in-game bonus-system changed to a spell-system. This will create more variety between cards and help boost the number of strategic options for Spells of Genesis players. Also, every card will not have one useable spell per match, instead of leaving a bonus at the end of the shot.

Commenting on the spell-system, Damman said:

“We created the new spell-system in order to bring more strategy and diversity into the game. The new spell-system will allow hundreds of deck combinations and strategies, and will be expanded as new cards are released.”

Card bonuses will vary greatly and can range from destroying the nearest enemy to increasing attack by x equal to the number of enemies killed during the next shot, or healing oneself and allies by three health. More variety within a game is never a bad thing, and Spells of Genesis players can create many combinations thanks to these changes.

What are your thoughts on these Spells of Genesis changes? Are you looking forward to playing the game differently? Let us know in the comments below!


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