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Smart Donation Coin: An Easy Way for Content Makers and Their Subscribers to Earn Money

PRESS RELEASE. If you have recently viewed someone’s stream, Instagram or Telegram channel, you have probably noticed a small link with ‘Support me’. You may even have a favourite content maker that you permanently support. Maybe you are a novice blogger yourself, and you want your subscribers to help you with donations.

But be sure, you have not yet met a service where you can safely donate to your favourite blogger and make money on it! How is this possible? We will tell you in this post!

Smart Donation Coin — not only for bloggers but also for their audience

Smart Donation Coin is the first DeFi project that provides bloggers and their audience with an additional opportunity to earn money through blockchain technology. The project unites a community of creators, subscribers, and crypto enthusiasts who can communicate, follow the content of their favourite creators, and monetise their blog within the framework of one platform.

The service offers three basic ways to monetise content and simplify user activity on social networks:

  1. Content monetisation: Within the project’s framework, bloggers can perform simple tasks from advertisers and earn money from advertising in SDC tokens.
  2. Donations: the service allows you to quickly and anonymously support bloggers, avoiding the disadvantages of traditional donation services.
  3. Staking: thanks to the BSC blockchain, the service allows each user to receive passive income for storing SDC tokens.

Smart Donation Coin is a project that unites the cryptocurrency and media industries, using the critical advantages of DeFi for the development of the blogosphere. SDC attracts bloggers and their subscribers to the DeFi ecosystem and provides them with an excellent opportunity for additional cryptocurrency earnings.

  • the project is done for users of the blogosphere as a whole, both for creators and their audience
  • the project offers complete anonymity for donations or transfers
  • content makers can earn on content without massive advertising commissions and inconveniences of traditional services

Let’s look at the three primary services that Smart Donation Coin offers.

Content Monetisation

Through Smart Donation Coin, bloggers can earn on content without worrying about complex negotiations with advertisers. At the same time, even novice influencers who have only 1000 subscribers can earn too! The platform itself looks for advertisers for different topics and publishes advertising tasks in a convenient interface. All that a blogger has to do is respond to the task he is interested in and complete it.

Immediately upon registration, the content maker is credited with frozen SDC tokens, unlocked as tasks are completed. Tokens can be exchanged for another cryptocurrency or left at home to earn on staking.


Smart Donation Coin offers an authentic and friendly way to get support from those who like your activities! Since the system is anonymous, those who do not publish ads and do not want their sources of funding to be compromised can use the service: public figures, political bloggers, charitable foundations, eco-activists and other fabulous people!

It is straightforward to donate to the Smart Donation Coin system. To do this, you need to connect your cold wallet and use USDT for donating. An automatic exchanger inside the platform converts USDT into an internal SDC token, which will be sent directly to the blogger’s wallet. At the same time, if the user wants to get up to a 15% discount on the commission, they can donate immediately in the SDC token!


Staking of Smart Donation Coin is an alternative to cryptocurrency mining. Users can earn by simply storing the SDC token on their digital wallet to support the security and operations of the blockchain network. SDC investors do not need to take care of designing their mining farm, finance its operating costs and monitor the uninterrupted operation of the equipment. You can get passive income!

Smart Donation Coin NFT Marketplace

Created to unite bloggers and their audience further, the Smart Donation Coin NFT Marketplace allows content makers to sell their non-fungible tokens (NFT) purchased with SDC.

You can sell anything in the form of an NFT token. For example, Chris Coker, the creator of one of the first viral videos, ‘Leave Britney Alone’, sold the original video frames through NFT for 46 thousand dollars! Similarly, other content makers will be able to sell their content on the Smart Donation Coin platform! In this sense, SDC NFT Marketplace is an excellent opportunity to earn money and please your audience with the opportunity to purchase unique collectable content.

NFT Rewards and Mystery boxes

In addition, Smart Donation Coin users will be able to receive NFT rewards for their activities. To put it simply: the more donations a user makes on the platform, the more tokens he accepts! And users will also be able to receive unique gifts, i.e. mystery boxes, which will contain a random set of NFTs of different rarity. With a small probability, the user may get a rare NFT, which can then be sold on the Smart Donation Coin marketplace.

The goal of Smart Donation Coin is to unite representatives of the blogosphere in DAO

Today, the Smart Donation Coin platform supports hundreds of content makers: writers, podcasters, illustrators, streamers, cosplayers, artists, public figures and many others. The end goal of Smart Donation Coin is to create a DAO of creators, subscribers and crypto enthusiasts who will be able to communicate, follow their favourite content and monetise their blog.

The DAO Smart Donation Coin will not have a traditional centralised hierarchy. According to the rules prescribed in smart contracts, the organisation will work transparently. This will ensure that all users have equal access to earnings from their online activity!

More information about the Smart Donation Coin project can be found here:

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