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SimpleFX adds credit cards for instant deposits to buy bitcoin

Bitcoin exchange and trading platform SimpleFX has added credit cards to their payment methods which allow for instant deposits for buying bitcoin.

SimpleFX is a bitcoin exchange and trading platform which allows users to buy and sell bitcoins with each other using their online trading engine. The exchange has advanced trading features for the more experienced bitcoin user, with up to 1:500 leverage, 60 currency pairs, margin trading, and fast trade executions.

In an email sent to BitcoinX, the exchange has announced some new features including two new secure payment methods: Credit cards (such as Visa and Mastercard) and FasaPay (an online payment gateway popular in Indonesia).

Buying bitcoin with credit cards may be the most convenient way to purchase them, but there are some downsides to it. Customers that purchase bitcoin with credit cards typically pay a premium, however at this time SimpleFX is not charging any fees for this payment method. Another downside to using credit cards runs on the exchange side, with a higher risk of fraud. For example, UK exchange Cubits recently had to disable credit card payments due to fraud.

In addition to SimpleFX adding new payment methods, they also announced support for ethereum and for buying Japanese stocks of Nintendo, where you can now show your true support of Pokemon Go.

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