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Silk Road Agent Had 'Other' Co-Conspirators, Says District Court

New evidence has come out against former task-force agent Shaun Bridges from the District Court of Maryland. After the former agent’s motion to unseal evidence regarding his case was denied by the courts, the latest documents reveal that Bridges had co-conspirators in his Silk Road exploits and had also taken part in other crimes. Additionally, a Macbook and other belongings that helped him commit these crimes were reported to be stolen “upon his exit from the U.S. Secret Service.”   

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‘Irrational Greed’

Shaun Bridges

Back in December of 2015, former Silk Road task-force agent Shaun Bridges was sentenced to 72 months in prison for the theft of over $800,000 USD in bitcoin and other related felonies. As Bridges remained on house arrest before serving jail time he was arrested again for attempting to flee the country and change his identity.

When the judge sentenced Bridges, he called the officer’s acts, “shocking and reprehensible abandonment of his public duty” and a “betrayal of public trust by a federal law enforcement agent.” Bridges’ partner Carl Force also met the same fate with a conviction of 72 months. The courts described their actions as irrational “greed” and Force was even accused of planning to sell his story as a book deal.

Silk Road Co-Conspirators Still on the Loose

Now the prosecution is speaking about other crimes committed by Bridges and co-conspirators that are still at large. Bridges told the sentencing judge that he had an “illustrious” police career, and new evidence shows he used government-issued law enforcement equipment while operating under many unofficial aliases.

The District court of Maryland document states:

The United States, through its undersigned attorneys, hereby states its opposition to the motion for unsealing filed by defendant Shaun W. Bridges. The government submits that unsealing of the warrant at this time would jeopardize an active and ongoing investigation into criminal conduct by Bridges and others with whom he is working.

It further details that Bridges did these things while the investigation took place and during his sentencing procedure. The document continues:

In sum, the government believes through evidence gathered to date that Bridges, working with others, has committed a series of additional crimes, including crimes that took place both before and after the date of the entry of his guilty pleas and sentencing.

Silk RoadThe tales coming from the recently arrested “Silk Road architect” Variety Jones revealing the agents’ criminal behavior may further cement his testimony. The suspected mentor of the Dread Pirate Roberts said he spoke with a high-up federal official that was still acting out long after Ross Ulbricht was arrested. Interestingly, the man Jones called “Diamond” knew all about Bridges and Force and predicted their demise. He called the agents out for how “stupid they were to do anything but hold onto their ill-gotten gains.”

This story could very well be true, and there may be more agents on the loose using their federal powers for personal gain as the drug wars continue on the deep web.

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