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Share Your News: Now Accepts Press Releases

You could spend hours and multiple bitcoins trying to get your news published by the busy and over-caffeinated swarm of crypto journalists out there. Or you could just submit a press release to for $99 USD, and rest easy — your news will get published precisely when you want it to be.

See example: Happy Birthday, BTCPop!

Whether it’s a new product, an improved service, a partnership announcement, or a crowdsale, your offerings will only gain traction if potential customers know about them. To maintain journalistic integrity, marks all our published press releases as such. This way, our readers are informed of the difference between the news we dig up, and the news you want them to see. Everybody wins. press releaseAnother perk of getting your news published on is that you end up with a news link with which to pitch future journalists. Members of the press are notoriously lazy, and if you pitch them with a story that’s been published on, they have less research to do. Less initial research means increased chances that the journalist will find your story attractive.

How to Write a Press Release

So you don’t have a publicist. Or you do, but she could use a few pointers. No problem — it’s not like writing a press release is like crypto science! These key elements should be included in all your releases submitted to us:

  1. A title
  2. Body content
  3. Your website’s link
  4. An email address for your press contact
  5. An image

And that’s it! Here are a few pointers to keep in mind for each of the five categories:

1 – The title: Words which evoke images, questions, or interest in peoples’ minds are more attractive than those which don’t. Check out some hot titling tips for guidance.

2 – Body content: The first paragraph of your body should contain all the important information of the piece. Following paragraphs are for fleshing out details. If someone only reads the first paragraph of your release, they should know the gist of your story.

You don’t need a long release. A few snappy paragraphs are ideal. If people want more detail, that’s what your website and/or press contact are for.

“Bonus: Include a quotation from someone on your team so we can blow it up nice and big and orange like this.”

3 – Primary link: A link back to your website is key. Consider using it as a hyperlink over your company’s title, or on a key word relating to your products/services. We’ll also list your link independently at the bottom of your release, so hyperlinking within the text is not required.

4 – Press contact: This is the person on your team (potentially you) who’ll respond to any inquiries regarding the content of your press release.

5 – Image: It is a known law of the universe that posts with pictures get more clicks — period. It follows that posts with better pictures get more clicks. The sky’s the limit on your post’s main image, though for everyone’s sanity, we recommend not using yet another stock photo of Casascius coins. Unless you actually sell Casascius coins.

Check out the recent press release we published from BTCPop to see a good example of the above guidelines. Then submit yours for publication to for $US99.

Be sure to submit your press releases to!

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