Shanghai Gearing up for Ethereum Devcon, Blockchain Summit


Shanghai Gearing up for Ethereum Devcon, Blockchain Summit

The International Blockchain Week in Shanghai begins on September 19 and lasts through the 24th. This time around, the event is double-billed. Both Ethereum’s Devcon 2 and the Global Blockchain Summit will share the conference.

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Six Days of Blockchain Technology Hosted in Shanghai

blockchain labsInternational Blockchain Week consists of three key presentations, starting with three days of Devcon 2 and followed by the two-day Blockchain Summit. Between the two main events is a “demo-day,” where developers and companies show off their projects.

Speakers at this year’s event include Vitalik Buterin, Jeremy Allaire, Jed McCaleb, Marley Gray, Zooko Wilcox, Joseph Lubin and Brian Hoffman.

Blockchain Week organizers say last year’s conference saw great success, and that this year’s focuses on the same collaborative efforts.

To continue this success, organizers say the event is dedicated to educating enthusiasts and investors on the benefits of blockchain protocols including Bitcoin and Ethereum. One notable panel will discuss the security of Ethereum smart contracts in light of the recent DAO fiasco.

The Blockchain Summit website explains:

Since that summit last October, the opportunities and potential impacts of the Blockchain technology has become a hot topic not only in China, but in all parts of the world. For those who attended the event, some of them have already been ahead of the time and embarked on their ventures in the Blockchain industry. This year, the 2nd Global Blockchain Summit will bring more guests together, to share the latest development in the Blockchain industry, not only with their proof-of-concepts, but also some real world applications.

Devcon 2 and the Blockchain Summit Combines

The 2016 Blockchain Summit adds Ethereum’s Devcon 2 conference into the mix.

international blockchain week

The first Devcon in 2015 brought in hundreds of developers from a wide array of companies. This year, Devcon 2 will again showcase core developers in the Ethereum space, who will share the latest progress and ongoing projects. Guests will also hear from Ethereum members such as Dr. Christian Reitwiessner, Alex Van de Sande and Jeff Wilcke over the course of three days.

Tickets for the Blockchain Summit start at $2,000 USD. Devcon 2 is sold out, and all early bird discounts are over.

Furthermore, guests should travel to Shanghai with a tourist visa. After arrival, attendees can purchase conference tickets with fiat, bitcoin, and Ethereum. Developers can receive discounts for their tickets. To do so, they must register a company name and their role in an ongoing project. will follow the Blockchain Week agenda as it unfolds and will keep our readers informed of any announcements that come from the conference.

What conferences will you be attending this year? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: International Blockchain Week

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