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SatoshiLabs Shows Off Trezor 2 Prototype

SatoshiLabs is currently holding its “Trezor 2” Hackathon at Paralelní Polis in Prague. As a bonus, the company also unveiled the prototype of its next generation bitcoin hardware device.   

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The Trezor 2 Hackathon

ctyjtn1xeaer-qiHackers and developers are gathering in the Czech Republic for the Trezor 2 Hackathon. Trezor says day one will feature the first public presentation of the Trezor 2, with well-known industry members also presenting.

At the event, innovators such as Jochen Hoenicke, Marek Palatinus, Pavol Rusnak, and Andreas Antonopoulos are providing guidance and mentorship.

SatoshiLabs said the Trezor 2 device will have new hardware features and a “completely revamped software stack,” open to developers. Additionally, the company explained that anyone with JavaScript or Python skills will be able to create applications with Trezor architecture.

Another Trezor 2 feature is a touchscreen and a microSD card slot for encrypted storage. The SatoshiLabs team also published pictures of the prototype, revealing the device looks different to the original.

Throughout the event, developers Nicolas Bacca, Roman Zeyde, Mark Bryars, Jochen Hoenicke and Saleem Rashid discussed several Trezor 2 related topics. These included security, SSH login, U2F, and GPG sign and verify issues. Participants also discussed Ethereum and Mist integration, smart contracts and assets, and overall Trezor 2 development.


SatoshiLabs Expands Trezor’s Feature Services

The Bitcoin hardware wallet company has worked steadily on its products and software. Just recently, SatoshiLabs also released the Trezor Manager application for Android. As a result, platform users can set up, customize, and recover a Trezor device without a computer.

Furthermore, Trezor expanded its firmware with two-factor authentication capabilities. The Universal Second Factor (U2F) was released with firmware 1.4.0, which users can connect via Google or Dropbox. In addition to the new U2F release feature, the update also adds Ethereum support. Developers are currently working with Mist, and this will be the next step to the Ether implementation, SatoshiLabs said.

There’s no confirmed date for the release of the Trezor 2, as the company affirmed the pictured device is just a prototype. It has stated several times via Twitter that it is interested in feedback.

After the “Trezor 2” Hackathon comes the 3rd annual Hackers Congress In Prague, also at Paralelní Polis. will keep readers informed of any other upcoming announcements coming from the many conferences this fall.

What do you think about the Trezor 2 prototype? Let us know in the comments below.

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