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SatoshiLabs Gives The Public A Trezor 2 Update

Recently reported on SatoshiLabs showing off its Trezor 2 prototype before the Paralelní Polis event in Prague. The company has now revealed more information concerning the Trezor 2 and its new security application suite — Trezor Core.

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SatoshiLabs Reveals More Information About Trezor 2

SatoshiLabs has been a Bitcoin industry forerunner for quite some time. It launched the first hardware wallet, Trezor 1, setting the bar for security techniques. SatoshiLabs wants to take all the great services of Trezor 1 and introduce its second device with those same features and more. The company explained Trezor 2 allows you to “build secure applications for your needs.”

“Embedded Trezor accounts give you a very convenient, yet safe way way to hold or trade your cryptocurrencies,” detailed SatoshiLabs. “All of these features have already made Trezor the most versatile and useful device on the market. With Trezor 2 though, thanks to the new software stack and a more powerful hardware, even more is possible.”

SatoshiLabs Alena Vranova, and Marek ‘Slush’ Palatinus
SatoshiLabs Alena Vranova, and Marek ‘Slush’ Palatinus

All Features from First Device Plus New Trezor Core

The Czech Republic-based security hardware and software company said Trezor 1 was very successful, and has proven its worth within the industry. The development of Trezor 2 will provide an “even greater” device, it added. Trezor 2 will have a variety of changes creating a whole new experience. New features include a full-color touchscreen, microSD slot, and a significantly faster processor.

However the firm explained the most important changes are to the Trezor Core software. Trezor 2 will contain the new core software that holds a collection of tools that allow developers to program new innovations. Trezor Core includes a micropython interpreter, which gives it a beginner programming language.

The Trezor Core software stack will allow developers from all around the world to create their own firmware, header, and welcome screen. SatoshiLabs will also review the newly-built firmware and co-sign the vendor header. The company wrote in a blog post:      

“All third-party firmware with signed vendor headers running on TREZOR 2 can be proven to be built and released by a specific developer. This is opening a huge space for custom applications built around individual security and privacy. SatoshiLabs, however, cannot assure for the safety of the code of third parties, despite signing the vendor header for the developer. By using custom firmware, you trust the third-party developers.”

Trezor 2 Prototype
Trezor 2 Prototype (final design has not yet been chosen)

Applications Can Be Created on the Spot

Marek ‘Slush’ Palatinus’s Notary Application Built With Trezor Core Software

The company seems pretty positive the cryptocurrency community will dig its new product. SatoshiLabs noted its accomplishments, including a Password Manager (TPM), its login token implementation, native wallet integration and more. With the Trezor 2 template, the firm has also demonstrated the possibilities of its Simple Notary Service.

During the recent laBitconf conference in Buenos Aires, Marek ‘Slush’ Palatinus prepared a signing device using code for Trezor 2 with Python. While it’s not a break through use case, says SatoshiLabs, it shows how quickly applications can be developed with Trezor 2. “If this code was quickly assembled during a conference, just imagine the possibilities of Trezor 2.”

The company still has yet to reveal when the Trezor 2 will be manufactured and released. will keep a keen eye out for any more updates on this product and let readers know when the market will see this new Trezor device.

What do you think about the new Trezor 2 and Trezor Core software? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of SatoshiLabs blog.

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