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Satoshi Labs Launches New Bitcoin Hardware Wallet 'Model T'

This week, Czech Republic-based Satoshi Labs, launched the pre-order batch of the startup’s Trezor 2 hardware wallet called the “model T.” Satoshi Labs says even though the new Model T is an entirely new device it safely secures digital asset keys just like the prior version.

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Satoshi Labs Launches Trezor Model T Pre-Orders

Satoshi Labs Launches New Bitcoin Hardware Wallet 'Model T'Satoshi Labs has just launched the first batch of the Trezor model T hardware wallets that feature a few new upgrades. One of the most noticeable features is the model T’s RGB LCD touchscreen display that utilizes an RM Cortex-M4 processor. Like the first Trezor model, the new device requires using the screen commands to execute actions tethered to confidential data. Another feature Satoshi Labs reveals is how the model T does not communicate with a computer when entering the PIN and just draws power until you confirm entry. “USB communications are enabled only after authentication,” says the wallet manufacturer.

“When you first hold the Trezor model T, the first thing you will notice is the staple of the model T — its large touchscreen,” explains Satoshi Labs. “Plug your new Trezor in, and the screen will illuminate you, showing off its vibrant colors, waiting for your instructions.”  

Satoshi Labs Launches New Bitcoin Hardware Wallet 'Model T'
The Trezor model T utilizes a USB-C connection, and USB communications are enabled only after authentication.

  New Firmware, USB-C Port, and MicroSD

The device is backed up with a traditional 12-word phrase which can be accessed through any compatible BIP32/39/44 HD wallet. Satoshi Labs also explains the model T will support eight cryptocurrencies and will be adding more choices in the near future. Further, developers interested in reviewing the code can check out the revisions to the Trezor Core software at the company’s Github repository. The startup says the new model also features a microSD for advanced features that will be added to the operating system.

Another change added to the Trezor model T is the USB-C connection, as opposed to the male USB Type-A plug. Satoshi Labs details it believes USB-C porting is the wave of the future and that’s why it chose to change the connection mold.

Satoshi Labs Launches New Bitcoin Hardware Wallet 'Model T'
The model T’s RGB LCD touchscreen display is customizable, and the microSD will allow future features.

 Faith In Open-Source Code

The device costs around €139 plus DHL shipping and can be purchased with bitcoin. Satoshi Labs say an initial batch of 3000 model Ts will ship in January of 2018 and the following batch will be a touch more expensive at €149 per device. The Trezor team seems pleased with its new flagship product, and it’s newly created firmware which Satoshi Labs says is designed from scratch.  

“When we developed this new firmware, we leveraged from all the past experiences we have earned while working on different projects, including the original Trezor One,” the Satoshi Labs team emphasizes. “Continuing our tradition and faith in open-source code, Trezor Core is also open-source, available for review and adaptation.”

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Images via Shutterstock, and Satoshi Labs model T. 

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