Infamous Crypto Scammer Ryan Kennedy Is Now a Convicted Rapist


Infamous Crypto Scammer Ryan Kennedy Is Now a Convicted Rapist

Former Dogecoin scammer Ryan kennedy has been exposed as a sadistic “sex fiend” who has been found guilty of raping several women. Daily Mail reports that he has been convicted and sentenced to 11 years behind bars.

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Ryan Kennedy: Crypto Scammer Turned Rapist

The 29 year-Ryan Kennedy Mugshotold was found guilty of controlling women via emotional manipulation, destroying their self-confidence and self-identity before violently raping them over nearly a decade.

As he raped her, one of his victims “screamed and cried.” He then forced her to apologize for “ruining his fun.” Kennedy brutally rapped another of his traumatized victims as “punishment.” Kennedy threatened to hurt her more if she screamed.

A third women said Kennedy threatened to leave her if she did not let him penetrate her.

Kennedy worked as an office worker in Bristol at the time of his arrest in February.

“The phrase ‘coercive control’ was coined to describe a situation where one person in a relationship, over a period of time, overshadows and eventually takes over control of the other person,” Judge Jamie Tabor QC said. “The premiere feature is that the victims are made to feel guilty if they don’t do as they are told.”

He added, “Coercive controllers are often highly narcissistic and inevitably selfish. If told by other[s] that is how they are viewed, they are always abrupt. You are a controller, and like most controllers you pick on members of the opposite sex and those that are vulnerable.”

11 of the 14 charges Kennedy faced were for rape. A two-week trial saw Kennedy acquitted of three counts and eight were left to lay on file. The jury found him guilty of raping three women between 2008 and 2015.

“These rapes took place within the context of what was described as controlling, abusive and manipulative relationships,” prosecutor Fiona Elder said.

One victim described herself as screaming and crying during the intercourse. She said the intercourse was forceful painful. She asked him to stop. Kennedy, instead of stopping, criticized her for “ruining his fun.” He made her apologize before she went to the bathroom.

After having surgery, one woman told Kennedy she did not want to have sex with him.

“She gave the reasons why she did not want to have sex at that time but she said it was a case of submission,” Ms. Elder said. “He threatened to leave her if she did not submit to his sexual advances.”

Kennedy, as he raped another woman as “punishment,” told her that if she made too much noise he was “really going to hurt her.”

Kennedy’s sadomasochistic ways were discussed in court. Kennedy used sadomasochistic sex as punishment. Often he grew angry for no apparent reason. He would forcefully penetrate victims so hard, they would bleed.

“She tried not to make too much noise. She was told that if she screamed he was really going to hurt her,” the prosecutor told.

Kennedy will serve two terms of four years and one of three years to all run consecutively.

Kennedy has a long history of crime, including of the white collar variety. Known as “the guy who ruined Dogecoin,” he preyed upon cryptocurrency users in addition to women. Kennedy ran Moolah, a Dogecoin trading platform, where he was accused of stealing more than 750 bitcoins and over a million US dollars from Moolah customers.

Operating under the alias Alex Green, Kennedy gave away dogecoin on Reddit and other forums. He often tipped people hundreds and even thousands of dollars worth of dogecoin to strangers for no reason. He apparently gave liberally to the Dogecoin charity campaigns. Kennedy gave $2,450 worth of dogecoin to a cancer charity and $2,927 to support the Dogecoin branded NASCAR.

Kennedy then asked Dogecoin supporters to invest in Moolah. He offered investors a “slice of  pie” in his startup in exchange for dogecoins.

“Moolah’s sales pitch involved projected Doge dividends over the course of a couple years. They also claimed that the company was rapidly expanding and that their development team was working on a prototype Doge ATM,” one of Moolah’s investors  told Motherboard. “Because the Dogecoin community was based so wholly on generosity, we were like sheep to the slaughter.”

With partners fronting money, Kennedy purchased Mintpal, a crypto-currency exchange, but immediately it and Moolah had financial difficulties. Kennedy took Mintpal online citing a critical bug. Soon thereafter – as the internet began uncovering Kennedy’s darker side, which includes spying on women’s dressing rooms- users were out $2-$4 million in funds. Kennedy cited critical bugs. He then disappeared.

Partial Source: Daily Mail

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