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Russians Think Bitcoin Makes a Great Present

Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity in Russia as a good idea for a gift. According to a new survey, more and more Russians believe cryptos, like bitcoin, would make their girlfriends and wives happy on special occasions. The 8th of March is celebrated as Women’s Day in Russia and in many other countries.  

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Bouquets, Gadgets, and Bitcoins

Russian women expect special attention on March 8. The International Women’s Day is celebrated as official holiday in the Russia Federation and around the world. According to an online poll, conducted by Hi-tech, the crypto craze is influencing decision-making when it comes to choosing the right present for the occasion.

Russians Think Bitcoin Makes a Great PresentThe survey reveals that cryptocurrency is becoming a popular choice for a ladies gift. More Russian men admit they would rather surprise women with cryptos than with rubles. A third of the respondents say they are going to buy flowers. Gadgets are also quite popular – 14 percent think a new iPhone sounds like the perfect gift. Only a tenth of those questioned claim modern Russian women don’t need a present for the Women’s Day.

Another 13 percent of the polled intend to surprise their girlfriends or wives with some crypto cash, saying that’s the best present. Almost 60 percent of them prefer bitcoin, while ethereum takes the second place with 22 percent. Litecoin and the centralized Ripple are next with 5 percent each. 7 percent think of some other currency. More than 4,000 people have participated in the online survey.

On the Other Hand…

New search statistics suggest that Russians may be losing general interest in cryptocurrencies, however. Their popularity among internet users has been going down with their rates. The trend has been confirmed by both Google, and Yandex, the most popular Russian search engine.

According to Google Trends, searches mentioning bitcoin have decreased more than 80 percent in the last couple of months. At the same time, the monthly number of bitcoin-related queries in Yandex has decreased from 8.5 million to 4.3 million. On December 17, when the price of the leading cryptocurrency approached $20,000, Google and Yandex registered record numbers of bitcoin searches, according to the Russian edition of Forbes.

Russians Think Bitcoin Makes a Great PresentBitcoin has been one of the most popular words in Russian queries last year, according to Google’s Year in Search 2017 report. Similar results have been registered in neighboring Ukraine and across the region.

In February, the price of bitcoin fell to as low as $6,000 USD. Russian experts believe, however, that both the price and the popularity of bitcoin will recover, as more countries recognize and accept cryptocurrencies.

“What we are seeing now is the testing of a new technology before its adoption in societies”, founder of Digrate, Stanislav Shakirov, says. In his words, the serious growth is yet to come.

What are your expectations for the future of cryptocurrencies? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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