Rothschild Investment Corporation Becomes Bitcoin Stakeholder

A major mainstream investment company, Rothschild Investment Corporation, has embraced cryptocurrency by investing in bitcoin. The company recently filed a holdings report that solidified this investment move. They bought shares of the GBTC, or the bitcoin investment trust, which acts as a share that tacks its value to bitcoin’s price. 

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The Econotimes covered the facts: “According to the details provided, Rothschild Investment Corporation has acquired shares of Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) for $210,000.”

Courtesy of @cryptocentral on Steemit

The Bitcoin Investment Trust

The Bitcoin investment trust is a U.S. based securities exchange. For clarity, some people have misinterpreted Rothschild Investment Corporation as directly buying and storing bitcoin. In reality, they merely purchased shares of the trust, which holds “bitcoin on paper” in the traditional fashion, as publicly quoted securities. This allows investors to keep and hold the value of bitcoin without having to purchase the currency and hold it in a wallet.

The Econotimes provided an explanation:

Sponsored by Grayscale Investments, the Bitcoin Investment Trust is an open-ended grantor trust based in the U.S. Its shares are publicly quoted securities solely invested in and deriving value from the price of bitcoin. The publicly traded shares officially started trading under the ticker GBTC in 2015.

Bitcoin shares began public trading via Bitcoin Investment trust on March of 2015. This move by Rothschild Investment Company represents a major mainstream player hedging bets on the future value of bitcoin.

Rothschild Investment Corporation and an Illuminati Conspiracy

There were also rumors that Rothschild Investment Corporation was related to the Rothschild family. In various social media posts, people thought there was some kind of conspiracy or deal that Rothchild himself made for gaining shares of bitcoin. The conspiracy theorists believe the Illuminati and lizard rulers may be colluding to sabotage bitcoin.

This turned out to be false, as the company has no relationship to the Rothschild family other than possessing its namesake. The tweets below should say “Rothschild Investment Corporation,” and not just Rothschild the person. The reason for confusion is clear, because the name is relatively common. Looks like the Illuminati are still waiting for their chance to enter the market.


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  • Johnny McBlanche

    Rothschild plz leave.

    • Evan Wilder

      Read the article again until those facts sink in.

  • Pangur Bán

    Someone trying to capitalize on name recognition. Maybe I should open a store called O.J. Simpson’s Leather Gloves and Knives Emporium…

    • Evan Wilder

      LOL. You would get a lot of sales and that’s managing to walk the tightrope of not getting sued for defamation of character.

  • Rothschild caused much harm to humanity in the past 300 years !!!!!
    Rothschild ROT IN HELL !!!!!

    • Evan Wilder

      You didn’t read the article all the way through…..did you?
      Read it again.

  • William Wanklyn

    Rothschild Investment Corporation was started in 1908 by an american Rothschild and his nephew. This company has been around for a long time and survived 1929 well, so needs a second look.
    I am not impressed by the size of the investments, unless this is simply a small fund under management.

    • RomyLitz

      its like a Trojan Horse.

  • Liberty88

    This should put to rest ANY bull schiz story by banksters that crypto is bad, evil, can’t be trusted, needs regulated, etc….

    The biggest DIRTBAG banker wants in.

  • RomyLitz

    Rothschild controls the FED in USA and other 100 central banks. The bitcoin is against deregulated crypto currencies worldwide. His move may jeopardize the cryptocurrencies growth as this is like taking a poison. ( To kill FED and REGULATIONS oversight )

  • Dude

    ” has embraced cryptocurrency by investing in bitcoin”

    Eh, no they didn’t invest in Bitcoin, they invested in a fund tied to Bitcoin.
    They could in effect be shorting it too.

    • Sterlin Lujan

      Yep. That is explained in the article in like the next sentence.

      “They bought shares of the GBTC, or the bitcoin investment trust, which acts as a share that tacks its value to bitcoin’s price.”

      • Dude

        Agreed, though the headline is a bit misleading.

  • Yousef Nasser