Ronald Mcdonald House to Receive Donations From Store


Ronald Mcdonald House to Receive Donations From Store

The Bitcoin Store, a bitcoin-only e-commerce platform run by the operators of, is donating 10 percent of its apparel sales from November 1st to 24th to the Ronald McDonald House of the Capital Region in Albany, New York as an initiative for Giving Tuesday.

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Ronald McDonald House Charities is a reputable charity fund and organization sponsored by major multi-billion dollar corporations such as McDonald’s UK and Coca-Cola GB.

Furthermore, the organization currently offers three core programs: Ronald McDonald House, Ronald McDonald Family Room and Ronald McDonald Care Mobile. All these programs focus on helping families in need.

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Bitcoin Store donations will go to the Ronald McDonald House Capital region branch’s Families First program, in which families receive services and essential products such as diapers and car repairs.

Ronald McDonald House (RMcH) of the Capital Region began accepting bitcoin donations in 2014 as part of a collaboration with the NY Bitcoin Group.

RMcH was one of the first charities we worked with in 2014,” said Paul Paterakis, a member of the NY Bitcoin Group.

“It’s nice to see our work with them lead to partnerships like this. We hope to help many more individuals, businesses, and charities in the Upstate New York area better understand bitcoin and its benefits.”

Impact of Bitcoin on Ronald McDonald House

NY Bitcoin Group and other organizations in the past have had the opportunity to work with the RMcH team in using bitcoin to fund various charities and funds. Jeff Yule, Executive Director for RMcH of the Capital Region, stated the foundation has been accepting micro-donations from McDonald’s restaurants in bitcoin.

Yule further emphasized bitcoin’s importance in settling micro-donations, as only a limited number of financial networks and payment platforms are currently able to handle small transactions with low fees.

“I loved the idea of being able to accept micro-donations over the internet,” said Yule.

“We already accept micro-donations from the canisters found in McDonald’s restaurants, so bitcoin helped us accept them digitally as well. It’s also been wonderful to see the support we have received from the bitcoin community.”

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a celebratory holiday started in 2012, and is dedicated to counterbalancing the impact of other consumer-oriented holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The Bitcoin Store’s Stephen Macaskill believes that the charitable and optimistic bitcoin community will significantly support and expand the capacity of the RMcH in assisting ill children and families struggling to deal with financial instability.

“The bitcoin community has a history of being very charitable, and we wanted to continue this pattern by supporting RMcH. They are providing valuable services for extremely ill children and their families, and we couldn’t be happier to see bitcoin make a positive impact on them this Giving Tuesday,” said Stephen Macaskill of The Bitcoin Store.

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