Roger Ver Challenges Bernie Sanders Again, Raises Offer to $250K


Roger Ver Challenges Bernie Sanders Again, Raises Offer to $250K

Back in March reported on investor Roger Ver challenging the Vermont senator, Bernie Sanders to debate with Adam Kokesh. Ver had offered $100,000 to get Sanders to discuss Socialism Vs. Libertarianism with the Iraq war combat veteran turned peace activist. Now the stakes have been raised to $250,000 with one month for Sanders to accept.  

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Will Bernie Sanders Accept the Challenge?

73593256f2b7abf7df18ca840cd37128To help spread the message of liberty activist Adam Kokesh wants to debate former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The discussion would be focused on the positive and negatives of socialism vs. libertarianism. Being an active supporter of peace, free markets, and the concept that good ideas don’t require force’s CEO Roger Ver is all about this debate. In fact, Ver offered both Kokesh and Sanders $50,000 each to donate to charity if they participated in a live 2-hour discussion. Now he’s upped the stakes and hopes Sanders and Kokesh can have a robust debate about the two ideological positions. Bitcoin investor Roger Ver explains: 

“I saw Bitcoin as the best tool the world has ever seen to spread the ideas of voluntaryism. I knew there wasn’t anything I could be happier working on.”

However the presidential candidate never responded, and it may have been a possible move to avoid the debate while running for the presidency. Kokesh understands this may be the case, but now Sanders is out of the running, and he believes there is no excuse not to participate in a healthy conversation. The author of the book FREEDOM! explains in his announcement to challenge Sanders again saying:

If Sanders wants to debate me, or if he’s willing to accept this challenge, Roger Ver will donate $250,000 USD worth of Bitcoin to the charity of Bernie’s choice.

At the DNC in Philly

On July 25, Kokesh headed to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia, PA distributing flyers. The flyers gave details to support the challenge and were passed out at the northeast corner of Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park. Kokesh doesn’t believe Sanders has an excuse anymore not to participate.

“When Roger Ver offered $100,000 to be split between Bernie and me, $50,000 each for the charities of our choices, Sanders was right to ignore this,” Kokesh explains. “He was running for president. He had a viable campaign at that point. Now it’s the convention. It’s done. He doesn’t have the nomination.”

After taking $200 million in donations from the 98%, the least Sanders could do is pay it forward to his favorite charity. And Roger Ver is willing to donate a quarter of a million dollars just to give him a chance to debate the subject. However, the problem for Sanders is this debate won’t be staged and maybe too real for him to handle. Discussing the facts with an activist instead of clowns like Clinton, Trump and without TelePrompTers may be too difficult of a task for Bernie to handle. 

Kokesh has finished the day at the DNC handing out flyers with the message. The peace activist doesn’t think the debate should be a big deal, he told the press, saying:

All he has to do is show up, and be on stage for two hours debating me. Socialism versus Libertarianism. He has one month to respond.”

Please call Bernie’s offices in DC and Vermont to extend the invitation and be polite and friendly about it!

  • DC: 202-224-5141
  • Vermont: 800-339-9834

What do you think about the challenge to get Bernie Sanders to debate? Let us know in the comments below.

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