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Roger Ver and Jimmy Song to Debate Bitcoin on Blockchain Cruise

Next Monday will witness an eagerly anticipated debate between two of bitcoin’s leading figures. CEO Roger Ver and Bitcoin Core developer Jimmy Song will go head-to-head aboard a blockchain cruise on the Mediterranean. The debate promises to be one of the highlights of the three-day event, watched by 2,500 delegates aboard Coinsbank’s chartered vessel.

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Roger Ver and Jimmy Song Will Talk Bitcoin in Ibiza

On Friday September 7, Coinsbank’s Blockchain Cruise will depart from Barcelona with 2,500 cryptocurrency enthusiasts on board. Among those present will be a number of the industry’s leading figures including such mavericks as John McAfee and Brock Pierce. On September 10, the cruise liner will dock in Ibiza, where one for sure highlight of the trip is scheduled to take place.

At 1pm, Roger Ver and Jimmy Song will face one another in a debate that has been framed as Cash vs Core. CEO Roger Ver is a passionate advocate of Bitcoin Cash and its low fees, on-chain scaling, and focus on real world adoption. Jimmy Song, on the other hand, is a proud Bitcoin Core evangelist. Through his writing and development work, he has been a tireless source of support for all things Bitcoin. Both men were preaching the gospel of Bitcoin before it was cool, and remain staunch proponents to this day.

Two Bitcoin Heavyweights With a Lot to Discuss

While Roger Ver and Jimmy Song have huge respect for one another, it would be fair to say there are certain matters where they don’t see eye-to-eye. It is likely that such topics as Lightning Network and Bitcoin’s classification as a store of value or medium of exchange will crop up, with each debater bound to give no quarter. Variously billed as the “Row on a Boat” and “Bitcoin Battle on a Boat”, Roger Ver and Jimmy Song’s head-to-head debate is sure to be filled with pithy soundbites and talking points.

Roger Ver and Jimmy Song Will Debate Bitcoin on a Boat

Following the pair’s heated debate, passengers can cool down on land at the Cafe del Mar party that commences at 6:30pm on the island of Ibiza. At this stage, the Blockchain Cruise will dovetail with Futurama’s Blockchain Innovators Summit that will be getting kick-started. Futurama delegates will have a chance to party with Coinsbank passengers on the Monday night before commencing their own three-day event the following morning. For those fortunate enough to be in attendance, Roger Ver and Jimmy Song’s debate will cap a voyage that will be filled with memorable highlights.

Who do you think will have the upper hand in Roger Ver and Jimmy Song’s debate? Let us know in the comments section below.

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