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The Rock Trading adds margin trading and BitID login authentication

Bitcoin exchange The Rock Trading is adding some new features to make the exchange platform more robust and appealing to traders.

Starting tomorrow, June 1st, The Rock Trading is introducing margin trading to the platform.

Beginning tomorrow the exchange will start a small rollover fee equal to 0.01% per 4 hours. When you open a new position, your base fee will be applied (a one-time fee equal to 0.20%, minus your discounts). They will also be making 5x leverage available to everyone. Moreover, you can now use margin trading not only on the BTC/EUR pair, but also on Ethereum (ETH/BTC, ETH/EUR) markets.

In addition to the new margin trading features added, the exchange is also adding BitID login authentication. BitID is an authentication protocol based on public key cryptography that allows you to sign into your exchange account simply by scanning a QR code with an enabled bitcoin wallet.

The Rock Trading is one of the oldest bitcoin exchanges still around today operating out of Malta, which was started by two Italian entrepreneurs.

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